About Us

Abhaya Mudra

Abhaya Mudra

Abhaya Yoga School offers students a uniquely integrated and healing experience.  All classes are taught with skillful precision and heart, keeping students safe while inspiring life on and off the mat. Within the various styles of yoga taught: alignment, flow, vinyasa, restorative, power yoga, and more, a basic perspective of acceptance, deep inter-connectivity, and yoga as a means to awakening, is consistent.

The Abhaya Method, created by Tara Glazier serves as a template for classes and trainings. This template is subtle therapeutic system that is based on Eastern healing modalities and western physical therapy/ functional movement techniques. The focus is oriented toward awakening the body's innate intelligence (through releasing gripping and holding patterns) and ultimately promoting healthy pranic flow leading to balance and freedom on all levels.

The Meaning of the Abhaya Hand Gesture

Abhaya can be translated as fearlessness in Sanskrit. The is the hand gesture of an open palm. From one of our teachers, Douglas Brooks, “While the raised open palm may appear to us a signal of caution or even warning, it is also an invitation and an opportunity to approach, then come closer, open the heart, and accept the journey of self-inquiry. Fearlessness is the beginning of all such journeys, not just the end. Fearlessness is never without fear but rather that way in which we step into our courage and bring the heart, mind, and body into a deeper appreciation of each and every situation.”

Our Mission

Abhaya’s mission is to create a sacred space where students can find retreat from the chaos of NYC and struggles of life. This community oriented center offers a gathering place to share in the valuable experience of yoga and transformation in a beautiful, supportive environment. For those seeking deeper study, Abhaya is committed to offering traditional teachings grounding yoga in its historical context while offering the highest education possible to potential teachers.