Alumni Testimonials

Aaron Angel RYT 500

Abhaya Yoga teacher training has impacted my life in so many monumental ways.  Not only did I deepen my own understanding of myself through studying with my amazing teacher Tara Glazier, but I also learned so many important skills that help me as a teacher and as a human to this day.  I learned, physical alignment principals, anatomy, philosophy, history, how to design a class and how to teach.  5+ years after my training, I am a professional yoga teacher, teaching in a couple of studios and running a successful private yoga business.  I also have the good fortune to spend time as a volunteer in a local Psych ward, where I offer a weekly yoga class and will be soon volunteering in Hospice as well.  I have so much gratitude for Tara and Abhaya Yoga- and now I can’t imagine what my life would be like without going through teacher training.

Deanna Green 200 RYT

Deanna Green

From my first class, I knew that Abhaya was a special place.  I had never experienced yoga as a holistic practice until coming to Abhaya, where it absolutely felt like a second home and it was clear this was the studio I wanted to obtain my 200hr TT.  What I enjoyed most, in my Abhaya Training was the philosophy and history of yoga which is absolutely vital when teaching asana, it enriches your classes and grounds each practice. Something that Abhaya teachers are able to do effortlessly. Immediately following the program I had the skills, but more importantly the confidence to comfortably lead a vinyasa class. I was able to give concise cues and adjustments while teaching.

I’m a full time yoga teacher, with about a third of my time spent working with underserved populations (children and youth, single mothers, victims of trauma). Abhaya also prioritizes these communities and was an important factor in choosing Abhaya.

As a teacher, it’s important for me to keep growing and Abhaya is able to foster an amazing continuing learning environment with workshops, retreats and amazing teachers leading the way.

Karina Sonowski


KarinaPPI was at a point in my yoga practice where I felt I was ready to delve deeper into my experience.  Seeking an inner peace that I knew could get tapped into through a better understanding,  I began my search for an Immersion program. I found that the Abhaya approach to yogic philosophy and teachings really resonated with me.

Not looking to become a teacher at first, I found great value in immersing myself learning the philosophies and origins of the yogic traditions, as well as anatomy and meditation.  I felt an instant connection to my practice.  The curriculum delivered a non-dogmatic approach to learning and gave you the space to interpret.

Revealing a comprehensive look into the abundant universe of yoga, Tara, James and Joy were tremendous in breaking down the walls and introducing me to a world I only dreamed of understanding more fully. I highly recommend this immersion program to those ready make the leap to the next level!