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A Night at the Museum by Jorge Sevillano

  Since I became a member of the Metropolitan Museum, I have tried to go there at least once a week. My visits range from 20 minutes to 2 hours or so depending on how much free time I have. In the last couple of years I have developed a taste for modern art so […]

Celebrating Signs of Spring by Michael Fergot

Several weeks ago on Groundhogs Day when Punxsutawney Phil came out of his burrow and there was enough light to see his shadow we knew it would be a little longer until spring. A couple of Sundays back, when we sprung the clocks ahead, we knew we were getting a little closer to spring and […]

“Enthusiasm” by Eric Stoneberg

“I like enthusiasts of any kind.” –Roald Dahl     I started to wet my feet on the spiritual path of yoga during college. I had this way-too-early-in-the-morning-for-a-sophomore-stoner-course called The Religions of India that I was flunking. My professor was a mild-mannered Buddhist (very accepting) and gave me lots of options for experiential bonus projects […]

Yoga Lives by Adriana Rizzolo

Now is the time To Rise & Shine Beauty — Truth & Love is what We are About Night skies unfold thousands of life times and here we are now — a beautiful surprise — a gift in disguise! Daunted no more what we are not happily admitted – inside the hesitant beat gets so […]

Happy New Year Abhaya Students by Tara Glazier

What a year it has been! 2012 certainly has been a year of turmoil and challenge for so many, both in the world and within ourselves. I truly think 2013 is going to be the year where we make a movement toward community, toward healing, and toward integrating ourselves into a greater fabric. 2013 is […]

Fearless Love by Jorja Rivero

This year, I chose the words ~ fearless love ~ as something to aspire towards. Honestly, I love that moment of sweet brave innocence. These words became an internal compass and gateway to support myself ~ especially and including ~ when things get hard. After a year, I have only scrapped the surface of what feels like an unending, bottomless exploration of what fearless love can […]

Voice by Jenny Ingwersen

Voice by Jenny Ingwersen I had coffee recently with a friend who moved to New York from Seattle around the same time I did, a year and a half ago. We were discussing the pros of living in NYC and one of the major selling points for me is that the city’s residents have much […]

Tantric practice: Mudra the art of imprinting by Eric Stoneberg

The tantric practice of mudra is the art of imprinting. The world is always making impressions on us. We are imprinted (assaulted?) with a constant stream of images, attitudes and beliefs every day, every hour. Every New York minute can be a stimulating barrage of input. How do we slow this down and learn to […]

On Bhava: by Brotha Sean

On Bhava: by Brotha  Sean As Tara always points out when we begin, “Bhava” are internal feelings. as an artist in general & a deejay in particular, manipulating bhava with music is my job. music can evoke beauty and serenity out of people in emotional knots or vulgarity and violence out of otherwise rational folks. as a deejay, […]