Shoulder Sadhana

Yoga is a practice that can heal us or hurt us ( as my teacher used to say).  I agree 100%, and have experienced many injuries throughout my life as a dancer and yogi.  For the last several years ( knock on wood) my body has been clear of injury and feeling free.  That said, those many injuries were important teachers for me that invited me to understand my anatomy and patterns more deeply.  And, as I age, my body certainly isn’t what it used to be.  Finding a balance between efforting in my physical body and connecting to a more subtle source has really helped me chill out and gain a more sustainable practice.  Our Yoga Sadhana ( Spiritual (…) Read More

Alumni Testimonials

Aaron Angel RYT 500 Abhaya Yoga teacher training has impacted my life in so many monumental ways.  Not only did I deepen my own understanding of myself through studying with my amazing teacher Tara Glazier, but I also learned so many important skills that help me as a teacher and as a human to this day.  I learned, physical alignment principals, anatomy, philosophy, history, how to design a class and how to teach.  5+ years after my training, I am a professional yoga teacher, teaching in a couple of studios and running a successful private yoga business.  I also have the good fortune to spend time as a volunteer in a local Psych ward, where I offer a weekly yoga (…) Read More