Bhāva Fridays

 Yoga with Live Music!

Yoga, Live Music, Sound Bath

Bhāva is the sanskrit word for feeling, emotion, mood or a devotional state of mind. Every Friday night at Abhaya offers a full, flowing, asana practice with live music that will be sure to set a sweet mood and vibe for the weekend. We have DJ’s, drummers, sitar players, kirtan singers, string instrumentalists, and more coming to extend their special talents while students cultivate self surrender and bliss.


  • May 5th – Tara Glazier & Clinton Greenlee
  • May 12th – Tara Glazier & Maraliz Campos
  • May 19th – Tara Glazier & Kirsten McCord
  • May 26th – Tara Glazier & Kathryn Robinson
  • June 2nd – Tara Glazier & Clinton Greenlee
  • June 9th – Tara Glazier & Kirsten McCord
Members: FREE – donations to musicians encouraged.
Non-Members: online $25.