Bhava Fridays

Yoga with Live Music!

Bhava FridaysBhava Fridays: Every Friday evening, 6:30pm-8:00pm, Abhaya offers a full, flowing, asana practice with live music. DJ’s, tabla players, cellists, kirtan singers, and more, create the devotional and sweet ambiance while students surrender into the music and relax after a long week.

August 1st

Tara Glazier & Ear Inside

August 8th To be determined & DJ Ceiba
August 15th Tara Glazier & SWF!
August 22nd Tara Glazier & Ben Bromley
August 29th Tara Glazier & Roger Lipson & Tripp Dudley
September 5th Tara Glazier & To be determined
September 12th Tara Glazier & To be determined