Living Meditation with Harshada Wagner
Free your mind. Awaken your life.

Come experience “Living Meditation” with Harshada every Monday evenings 8:15-9:30pm.

Every week, Harshada leads interactive group sessions for meditation students at all levels of experience. Ample time for questions and answers and sessions of guided meditation help each student find their own unique path into the heart.

Harshada has a way of making meditation easy, pleasurable, and even fun. He sees meditation as a means to an end – the end being a happier, more connected, heart-centered life.

He has shown thousands of students throughout the world how meditation can be an essential part of their life and sees these weekly classes as a way for new and old students to come together and encounter the inner living energy that pulsates within all hearts. No two classes will ever be the same and each promises to be a profound experience.