Abhaya Meditation and Satsang with Joy Radish and Tara Glazier, Mondays 8:15-9:30 PM

Join us for this 75 minute weekly meditation and satsang in which we will practice together as a way to awaken the heart and move into truth. Each session will consist of a dharma talk based on a monthly theme as culled from a plethora of ancient and modern traditions. Students will have the opportunity to experience both guided and non-guided approaches to the art of meditation.  With an intention of creating a group process, Joy and Tara skillfully and gracefully point the practitioners toward their own freedom, attending to what arises. The Abhaya approach is all encompassing, non-dogmatic and community oriented.

Template for class:
8:15-8:20 invocation
8:20-8:30pm silent mediation
8:30-8:45 dharma talk
8:45-9:05 guided meditation
9:05-9:30 satsang/ question and answer

Tara GlazierTara Glazier, owner/ founder/ creative director of Abhaya Yoga is thrilled to be sharing her passion of philosophical teachings integrated with the beauty of meditation.  She has been on the spiritual path for over 15 years and teaches in the tradition of Adyashanti who shares with the world a non-dual approach to awakening.  She considered herself blessed to have studiedmeditation and dharma under masters like Adyashanti, Mukti, Sharon Landrith, Sally Kempton, and Bill Mahony.  It is her belief that through gentle guidance and opening, each and every student has the potential to remember their purpose and connect to an all pervasive energy of support and love.

Joy RadishJoy Radish uses a multi-disciplinary approach in facilitating transformational group and individual processes. As a yoga teacher, she has led workshops and classes in prisons, settlement houses, yoga studios, detention centers, and throughout the NYC public school system. She seeks to share the psychological, philosophical and physical aspects of the yoga practice in a soulful, accessible way. Joy spent many years mentoring new yoga teachers in developing their personal practice, and refining their skills. She holds a master’s degree in drama therapy from NYU where she has facilitated therapy sessions for both groups and individuals in inpatient, psychiatric hospital settings. Joy believes that creativity and community are implicit to the process of continuous healing and self-transformation.

Morning Meditation with James Fideler Wednesdays and Fridays 9:15-9:45 AM

Perfect for people with established meditation practices and people new to meditation alike. Come sit and explore the inner landscape while resting in the support of community. Donation Class

James FidelerJames teaches in the Abhaya Yoga method through which exploration into the subtle and transcendent level of our practice emanates from grounding and stability in the foundational aspects of being.  In James’s class students move gradually through sequences that create space in their bodies, often accompanied by music tailored to abet the process of expansion.