Privates/In Class Privates

Enjoy a private with an Abhaya teacher.

Privates, In-class Privates and Semi-Privates are a phenomenal opportunity to receive concentrated attention from one of our talented teachers. All of these options serve multiple purposes; you will get focused accommodation of any injuries or physical limitations, will be able to ask all the questions you’ve been dying to ask, will obtain skillful feedback about your physical alignment and take your practice to the next level. Within a short period of time there is an extraordinary possibility of expanding and refining your practice.

Private session:

Receive individualized consideration and a holistic assessment of your practice. This is a great option for new students looking to become comfortable, those with therapeutic concerns, or those looking to deepen their practice and advance themselves. Enjoy a private in our amazing studio or in the comfort of your home.*

Semi- privates:

a wonderful time to bond with friends, family and co-workers and to get focused attention within a small group. They also function as sweet beginnings or endings of a celebration.

In-class Privates:

receive continuous hands on adjustments to help you find greater awareness and fine-tune your practice during a regular scheduled class. Enjoy the energy and flow of a group class with your own teacher guiding you more deeply and with more refinement into your poses.

First Visit :50 minute private for only $70**

Regular Rates:

$150 for 60 min private
5 Pack: $625 ( expires 4 months)
10 pack : $1199 ( expires 6months)

Initial 50 minute Semi- Private (up to 4 people): $100
5 Pack 60-minute semi-Privates for up to 4 people : $699
10 Pack 60-minute Privates (up to 4 people): $1299 single
Additional semi-privates: $200

Initial In-class Private: $40 dollars
Additional In-class Privates: $50.

Contact us to set one up today!

*Travel cost may be added

**special can only be used for 1st private