Sacred Journey
Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
FEB 25 - MAR 4, 2017

Sacred Journey Yoga & Subtle Body Retreat

Need to know

  • Where: Villa Sumaya on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
  • When: February 25th – March 4th 2017
  • Teachers: Tara Glazier & Kathryn Robinson
  • Price: Starting at $1,950

Guatemala is a sacred land with a potent history of Mayan Spiritual Civilization. Mayan religious beliefs are formed on the notion that everything in the world contains “ k’uh”, or sacredness. This ancient culture understood the Earth as having a body, and this body containing layers. These layers were believed to be pierced by a vertical energetic midline. This culture celebrates the Earth as Divine and an expression of Spirit. By connecting to the Earth and Nature through ritual, prayer, ceremony, the Mayans believed humans were divine messengers and capable of divine work.

The earliest traditions of Yoga in India understood the human body as a microcosm of the macrocosm. The human body was seen as the vessel for awakening and deep connection of Spirit. Similarly, the human body was understood to have layers – gross physical layers but also many subtle layers ( called Koshas ). The Sushumna Nadi ( the energetic, vertical, midline ) running through each human was seen as a conduit to harness an incredible powerful pranic flow. The Yoga perspective and Ancient Guatemalan perspective align with the same core beliefs.


Come to Guatemala with Tara and Kathryn to experience this deep connection between our human selves and the power living within Nature. This Yoga Retreat is constructed to be different from a basic yoga vacation and truly guide the participant into the the subtle realm. Practices include: subtle body asana, restorative yoga, meditation, mantra, mudra, chanting, philosophy / cultural understanding of Spirituality. Dive into early am meditation and breathwork, two movement classes / day, and chanting and community events at night. ( including a local Shaman! ). Take the down time during the day after brunch to enjoy Nature and relax, take a trip into historic towns, dip in the hot tub, or sit by the power of Lake Atitlan.

Prepare to walk out shifted and alive – with a deeper connection to your purpose and who you truly are.

Villa Sumaya is an “eco-chic” yoga retreat center that sets the stage for a quality, immersive experience.

What’s Included?

  • Daily yoga and morning meditation
  • 3 delicious home cooked vegetarian meals a day (meat/fish extra)
  • Transport to/from Guatemala City Airport (some limitations apply)
  • Fire protection ceremony with Mayan Shaman
  • Kirtan and Mantra
  • An excursion into the local area (hiking, kayaking…)
  • Spa treatments and therapies, tips for Villa Sumaya staff and visa fees not included
  • 30% non refundable deposit required

All levels welcome, however a reasonable level of physical fitness and an established yoga practice is assumed.