Continuing Education

Come one and all for this 2 hour Continuing Education Module to refine your teaching skills. Teaching individually with an inquiry based approach is a hallmark to the Abhaya Method. A Special New Year Continuing Education Module for all Yoga Teachers of All Styles and Levels!

Yoga is a state of integration. As Yoga teachers it is our goal to guide students toward this state in their own way. How do we help our students to not only do “yoga”, but to experience the state of yoga in a class, a private, a workshop, or even a retreat? In this 2 hour Continuing Education Module, Tara focuses on offering tools that assist in allowing the students’ autonomy and inquiry into a deeper state of listening. There are 3 primary elements that Tara offers to help teachers be better guides; Voice and Verbal Instruction, Sequencing Gross to Subtle Body, and Vayu or Breath principles. It isn’t always what we do but how we do it or how we instruct it. How will we instruct with clarity and allow for the students’ own experience? How will we sequence in a way that guides the student toward a deeper letting go? And how will you observe breath patterns and guide their breath toward their more natural state of being? Our process as both students and teachers of yoga is one of transformation and simultaneous unfolding and letting go.

Come learn together, some simple yet profound principles to take your teaching to the next level.

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Wednesday January 9th, 2019


The Experience of Yoga

  • Date: Wednesday 9th January, 2019
    8:15 PM - 9:45 PM
  • Location: Abhaya Yoga Gowanus


Urban Yoga Retreat with Tara Glazier
Tara Glazier


Wednesday 9th January, 2019
8:15 PM - 9:45 PM


Abhaya Yoga Gowanus