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The Vayus are physiological winds that exist in our everyday experience. By utilizing them and opening them in asana, gives the practitioner newfound freedom and ease. Apana vayu and Prana vayu are the two primary vayus that create grounding in the lower body and upliftment in the upper body. The first order of business is to give students access to the natural grounding and uplifting force of these two vayus. Once the system has settled with the primary vayus, we can refine with the other 3 more subtle forces that open the throat, strengthen the center, and create greater proprioception. Learn: How to see how the vayus are functioning How to instruct to the vayus Templates for each of the 5 vayus Subtle approach to teaching asana Offer a therapeutic adjustment and/ or instruction informed by the holding patterns $50, $35 for alumni


The Spirited Force of Prana through the Breath- Teaching Vayu Principles

  • Date: Sunday 7th June, 2020
    4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Location: Abhaya Yoga Gowanus


Urban Yoga Retreat with Tara Glazier
Tara Glazier


Sunday 7th June, 2020
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM


Abhaya Yoga Gowanus