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Find Neutral in the Upper Body. In Part 2 of this Therapeutics and Hands on Adjustments module, we focus on the stability of the joint and rotations within shoulder joint. Help your private or group class students find comfort and ease with proper alignment and breath. By observing the breath patterns (vayus), the teacher can better instruct alignment and free up obstruction. Observe the upper body patterns that cause tension or instability. We will view various bodies & patterns to understand better: flexion/ extension patterns, tight psoas/ weak psoas major, overdeveloped traps and/ or underdeveloped rhomboids Students will be given an assessment form to practice and to see the relationship between lower/ upper body, front body/ back body, lower leg/ hip, and shoulder/ neck with different bodies. Once patterns are observed, the skills of adjusting in a way that foster trust, security and stability are learned. Abhaya’s adjustments are subtle yet supportive and allow for the student to find the alignment on their own. Our adjustments guide the student toward their own freedom. Teachers can help in simple ways to bring more space, anatomical stability, and prana/ breath so that our students may improve discomfort and lead to greater health and well being. *This workshop is perfect for those desiring to become more skillful in private yoga sessions or for those teachers looking to refine their eyes and hands for group classes. Specific Goals: Observe and Understand compensation patterns in the upper body Learn adjustments to help with core and sacrum stability that allow student more freedom in upper body Learn adjustments to help with shoulder joint stability $65, $50 for alumni


Therapeutic Hands On Adjustments For Refinements of the Upper Body; Part 2

  • Date: Sunday 27th September, 2020
    12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Location: Abhaya Yoga Gowanus


Urban Yoga Retreat with Tara Glazier
Tara Glazier


Sunday 27th September, 2020
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM


Abhaya Yoga Gowanus