Private Health Coaching and Lifestyle Engineering

Any form of practice, such as yoga, is a discipline. Consistency and discipline are the foundations for change. If you are ready to experience life better and aren’t sure where to start, Yoga Health Coaching with Eduardo is the right place.

Is a private coaching session a fit?

  • You want to take care of yourself
  • You know that having a guide or accountability will make a difference
  • Your schedule doesn’t align with group courses
  • You want/need individualized attention
  • You are ready in to invest in yourself
  • You are ready for a shift in how your feel on a daily basis

Schedule a conversation with Eduardo to strategize your wellness breakthrough and walk away with a plan that fits YOU.

Eduardo Martinez
Eduardo Martinez Diaz
Eduardo is a yoga teacher and lifestyle engineer who uses technology and systems rooted in yoga and Ayurveda to help align your life with your wellness evolution. He graduated from Georgia Tech with a chemical engineering degree and has been teaching and practicing yoga for over a decade. He offers group and individual Health Coaching programs that inspire students to approach every day with simplicity and joy. You can learn more by visiting

Yoga Health Coaching

  • Length: 50mins
  • Availability: Please Enquire