Ruthie Streiter

Ruthie Streiter
Ruthie is a Structural Integration Practitioner and a yoga teacher in Brooklyn NY, specializing in therapeutics and creating structural and functional harmony in the body. She is the founder and director of both Decompression Project http://decompressionproject.com, which offers programs to improve body structure and promote awakened embodiment, and End of Knowing Yoga School http://endofknowing.com, a unique learning sanctuary that fuses the ancient wisdom of yoga with the cultivation of structural balance. Through Decompression Project, Ruthie created an extensive Yoga Video Library, a collection of streamed therapeutic yoga sequences design to help people “practice right for their body types” at home. Ruthie writes regularly on her 2 blogs, The Primary Structure http://theprimarystructure.com and the End of Knowing Blog http://endofknowingblog.com, as well as for many online wellness publications.

Yoga Workshops with Ruthie Streiter

Workshop Description From To Location
Therapeutics & Anatomy Upper and Lower Body Therapeutics with Tara Glazier and Anatomy w/ Ruthie Streiter12-3:45pmJoin Tara while she teaches basic therapeutics and hands on therapy for upper body issues that include shoulder, head, neck, arm, and / or wrist pain... November 18, 2012 at 12:00 pm November 17, 2012 at 9:00 pm Dumbo