Sophia Holly

Sophia Holly
Sophia Holly is a 500 hour level yoga teacher, trained at Abhaya. Sophia teaches private and public yoga classes in NYC designed to help people love themselves, regardless of their ability and body size. She also teaches private sessions and yoga based workshops to help people heal their relationship with food and body. Her classes are a blend of flowing movement, and relaxing restorative. When not teaching yoga Sophia is singing and playing music, and enjoying city life.

Sophia Holly's Yoga Classes

Class Location Start Time End Time Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Align & Flow Gowanus 7:15 am 8:15 am X
No Dog Yoga Dumbo 4:00 pm 5:15 pm X
Open Gowanus 7:15 am 8:15 am X
Open Dumbo 7:15 am 8:30 am X