CE with Tara Glazier: Hands on Adjustments for Lower Back Stability

CE with Tara Glazier: Hands on Adjustments for Lower Back Stability

Led by: Tara Glazier

From May 30, 2021 at 1:00 pm until May 30, 2021 at 3:00 pm at

In this specified continuing education segment, learn hands on adjustments that are zeroed in on protecting and supporting the low back. While some hands on adjustments are meant to help stretch or “feel good” for the student, some are actually meant to teach greater support and stability. While we as the teacher, support and assist, the student’s body is empowered to open at it’s (their) own pace. Low back pain is a common occurrence for all ages. Low back pain can occur from lack of deep core strength, stress, emotional holding, hypermobility, lack of mobility and more. Even if you or your students do not have low back, these adjustments can feel great for everyone. Amp up your therapeutic skills and be ready to offer great hands on, once the opportunity presents itself. Learning hands on teaches us much more than just hands on adjustments.. But also teaches us about the alignment, anatomy, and breathing patterns of our students.

*This will be an online workshop. Tara will have an assistant to demonstrate the assists. It would be ideal if you can grab a partner, friend, roommate to practice on (no experience necessary). If you do not have a partner you can wrangle, you can practice on yourself and watch the video again and again at your own pace to review.

Learn Hands On Adjustments for:
Standing poses
Back bends
Forward Bends
Touching technique (skin/ muscle/ bone contact)
Adjusting with the student and their breath

$50 drop in $200 complete ($50 discount to do all 5 CE courses)