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From December 5, 2012 at 8:15 pm until December 19, 2012 at 9:30 pm at Dumbo

Are you looking for ways to deepen your yoga practice? Do you want to reduce stress, sleep better, manage chronic aches and pains and improve the quality of your daily activities? By adding the MELT Method® to your life, you can do all of this, and more.

Join Deanne in this 3-part series of introductory classes and discover MELT self-treatment techniques that feel great and are easy and fun to learn. Grounded in cutting-edge science of neurofascial rehydration, the MELT Method® provides the tools you need to help your body reconnect to its own inner wisdom, balance and strength. Using specialized foam rollers and small rubber balls, enhance your practice as you rehydrate your connective tissue, rebalance your nervous system, reconnect to your own body knowledge, and offset the effects of busy

days and demanding lives. Learn to MELT for improved flexibility, balance, posture and core strength, and make this revolutionary road-map for whole-body wellness a part of your body basics.

12/13Lower Body Basics; lower back, hips, legs and feet12/20Putting it all together; core body length and strength

5 for a single drop in class