Qigong and Taichi Workshop

Qigong and Taichi Workshop

Led by: Miranda Maher

From August 18, 2018 at 2:00 pm until August 18, 2018 at 4:00 pm at Dumbo

We will practice a variety of Qigong together drawn from Shamanic, Traditional, Medical and Contemporary styles chosen to bring to your body, mind and breath some fundamental elements of Qigong: Grounding, Qi circulation, Sound Vibration and Fluid Movement. Along with our Qigong we will also play with the slow, strong movements of Taichi using “Taichi Walking” and have a short I Chuan (Standing meditation). In Taichi Walking, I Chuan Standing and Qigong Moving –offers an embracing experience of Tao/Chinese body-mind practices!

Qigong is the term for not just one, but many types of movement, breath and mind practices evolving in China over 2000 years. Qigong Practice involves gentle movements synchronized with breath… often including sounds and visualizations of colors or nature to create a powerful holistic practice for both the body and mind. There are scores of Qigong sets, but all focus on cultivating and clarifying “Qi” or life energy. With renewed Qi, we experience increased energy, inner peace, strength and vitality.

As you learn the principles and movements of Qigong, you learn—with your body as well as your mind—aspects of Taoism that offer a lens through which to clearly view your health, your emotions and your life. Ideas you may have heard, such as “Yin & Yang” “the 5 Elements” “Heaven, Human & Earth” “Grounding” or “Energy Body” are central and powerful parts of Qigong.

Many newcomers find it too “easy” or “light,” but this is its power. By using only 60-70% of our maximum, we gain: grounding, strength, flexibility, clarity. It is through gentleness with ourselves that we connect deeply with our energy body and our inner landscape. In cultivating our “Yin” (soft, receptive awareness), we empower our “Yang” (outward, active, focus).

Miranda is a Senior Instructor of Universal Healing Tao and the only certified instructor of TaoZen (Japan) in the U.S. She has been practicing Qigong, Taiji and Tao Meditation for about 20 years and teaching them in New York for 10. She is also a Medical Qigong Therapist with a particular interest in sharing traditional “Ovarian Kung Fu” (Women’s Sexual Energy practices) with contemporary women. She also holds a “Menkyo Okuden” black belt in Ninjutsu with 18 years training (she “retired” in 2015).

Saturday, August 18th
2 - 4 PM
$40 early bird / $50 day of