Thai Yoga Therapeutics

Thai  Yoga  Therapeutics

Led by: Jonas Westring

From May 3, 2014 at 2:00 pm until May 3, 2014 at 5:00 pm at Dumbo

Learn some therapeutic and amazingly feel-good techniques from the Thai tradition.This workshop emphasizes hands-on skills and confidence with therapeutic touch, while also improving your understanding of anatomy and the body’s relationship to yoga. Thanks to its large repertoire of powerful and therapeutic techniques, the Thai tradition is becoming increasingly popular in yoga communities around the world.Thai Yoga includes therapeutic stretching, joint mobilization, deep-tissue compression, toning of energy pathways, acupressure, hatha yoga poses, meditation, and breathing techniques. As a practitioner you will also develop skills for using your energy flow optimally, increased body-mind awareness, mindfulness meditation, and yoga breathing.Since this workshop is based on partner work, you will directly experience deep rejuvenation, transformation, and feel-good qualities - and the pure joy of connecting with another being in this way. Bring a partner/friend or come by yourself and meet one there!5/5 after 6/13 
Jonas Westring
Jonas Westring
Jonas Westring, originally Swedish, is a pioneer and leading teacher of the Thai tradition in North America and has been teaching the Thai Yoga Certification program in the USA since 1998. Thousand of people have learned from his structured, effective teaching style...
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