Tai Chi Workshop: Yin in Action... the Foregone Power of Courtesy

Tai Chi Workshop: Yin in Action... the Foregone Power of Courtesy

Led by: DevRon Sengbing

From September 21, 2019 at 12:00 pm until September 21, 2019 at 2:00 pm at Gowanus

... will be a demonstrable discourse on the premise of Yin and Yang within human communications, relations and sentiments... utilizing global Martial Arts' notions as the general fulcrum, addressing the dire fact more often than not, so little Yin is expressed in most martial arts systems, as in human life itself. With 26 years of overall experience in Yang and Chen family Tai Chi, it is this so called "soft" martial system that will serve as our general point of measure.

Few can argue our world grows ever more violent and imbalanced by the day. If not merely a representation of our collective mental state, for any number of reasons, it's at least a clear representation of what we have ultimately been willing to endure, thus consequentially support.

We will address how these overabundantly Yang concepts of rigidity, force, brashness, hoarding, and ultimate cruelty have been seen as respected strengths the world over, and how even the slightest semblance of Yin concepts such as kindliness, generosity, and courtesy have and remain seen as weaknesses to target and exploit... seldom appreciated, let alone respected as the relative power of Universal existence.

Herein we will examine, learn, and exercise the actual Power of Yin energy on the physical plane... which naturally initiates on the Mental, and Aetheric planes the same... explored within the principles of Tai Chi's Yin and Yang theories, purported beyond the seeming esotericism of it all.

Touchingly expressed best by one Master here :

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