Bhava Fridays™ offers a live musical & yoga experience. Our special signature class of Abhaya Yoga, is the perfect end to your week. The teacher and the musician collaborate to create the mood, vibe, or “bhav”. Enjoy a sweet, flowing asana practice attuned to the musical ambience while cultivating devotion and surrender. Let your mind go, be carried by the magical sounds, and allow your heart and body be free to celebrate Friday night!

Bhava Schedule – Abhaya Gowanus

Musical Talent
March 23
Tara Glazier
Essie Jain
Essie Jain is an English singer-songwriter born and raised in London, who is now based in New York. She comes from a vibrant family of musicians, artists and healers, plays multiple instruments and is classically trained in voice. She has drawn critical acclaim for her work as a singer, writer and performer, and has released five studio albums worldwide.Website
March 30
Tara Glazier
Tomek Regulski is a composer, sitarist, and meditation teacher. As a sitarist, he received his foundational training in the style of the Maihar Gharana from the late Acharya Roop Verma, and continues his studies with Arjun Verma and Pandit Krishna Bhatt. Additionally, he is a vocal student of Ramakant and Umakant Gundecha, masters of the Dagarbani tradition of dhrupad singing.
April 6
Tara Glazier
April 13
Tara Glazier
Ann Sensing
Ann is a Nashville, TN native, and she facilitates deep listening experiences in an array of forms and environments country-wide. She is a certified sound practitioner, meditation instructor, and yoga teacher. Website

Origins of the word Bhava

“Bhava is a sanskrit word that can be defined as “a way of being, a state of mind, temperament, attitude, personal manner, and also, “mood, feeling, sentiment, emotion”. In some contexts, it also means “inner essence or “spiritual heart”.”
Excerpt Exquisite Love, by Bill Mahony

Mahabhava: “The “great state, sublime state” that is Love; similarly, the devotional love that supports, stands within, and yet also transcends all other states.”
Excerpts from Exquisite Love, by Bill Mahony


Miriam Butterman
“Friday evening Bhava class is deeply integrated and open experience of movement, wisdom and music. It’s evening of letting go with the body, while my mind rests into my heart. I’ve been coming to Bhava classes for six years and the evening never fails me. I leave with a reset into my natural vibe, blissed out each and every time.”
– Miriam B.

On the banks of the Yamuna
The flute was heard.
The Flute-Player has captured my heart,
My soul has not strength to withstand.
Dark Himself,
Krishna is seated on a dark blanket
By the waters of the Yamuna.
On hearing the sounds of the flute
I lose body-consciousness,
My body remaining like a stone.
15th-16th century poet, Mirabai