Svatantrya – Freedom Embodied with Tara Glazier and Master Teachers


Select weekends, Feb 2024 – Jan 2025


    Friday 2-4pm, 5-9pm
    Saturday  1-4pm (option to take asana 10a)
    Sunday 9-11:30am, 12-4pm

What makes this 300 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Unique?

      • Pedagogy based program which focuses on “how to teach” and application of the information as opposed to purely the taking in of more information
      • 12 weekends over 12 months to receive RYT 300. Or choose your modules to eventually matriculate into the 300 hour certificate (Take the time to choose your own program and assimilate the teachings over an extended period while continuing to teach your group classes)
      • Develop refined applied skills in:

        • Applied yoga anatomy
        • Refined Observation with therapeutic adjustments and cues in mind
        • Verbal instruction as it relates to 5 kosha (physical to subtle)
        • Hands on adjustments
        • Advanced Level 2-3 Postures (binds, inversions, arm balancing, backbending, deep hip opening/ lotus)
        • Apex Sequence Development for level 2-3 poses
        • Theme integration (Spanda/ Narrative theme structures)
        • Applied therapeutics
        • Teaching with the Subtle Body and breath principles
        • Development of curriculum for workshops, retreats, private lessons
        • And more!
      • Learn how to teach niche classes:

        • Alignment focused
        • Experiential with music
        • Restorative/ flow & restore
        • Flow and restore
        • Beginner/ advanced
        • Therapeutic
      • Why Choose Abhaya Advanced Teacher Training?

        It is unique in that it can be completed in one year (12 weekends over 12 months). Or choose your own program, mix and match and take your time to matriculate into the 300 hour certification.

        Each 20 hour module contains:

        • Lecture/discussion
        • Practice
        • Applied skills
        • Hands on study/experience
        Advanced Teacher Training offers the opportunity for the yoga teacher to delve into more refined skills over a period of time. Teachers are more employable when they have more skills, more experience, and are able to teach a greater variety of classes and students. Graduate with the confidence to build your private practice, teach more niche/ refined classes, up-level classes, workshop content and more! Leave with your RYT 300 to combine with your 200 YTT and apply through Yoga Alliance to receive your ERYT 500!

        Who is 300 ADV appropriate for?

        300 Hour Teacher Training is appropriate for graduates of a 200 Hour TT, with a recommended minimum of 6 months teaching practice, who want to take their teaching to the next level. After learning the basics in a foundational 200 TT, a teacher will often have enough skill and information to create a general class structure. With time and a little experience, new teachers may become bored and repetitive, desiring more creativity and vive for sequencing. And/ or, they need greater skills to deal with issues that arise in class with different bodies, experience levels and therapeutic concerns. Advanced TT answers questions and provides insights into how you may want to develop your skills, challenges you would like to solve and new heights you want to reach in terms of your yoga career.



        The Abhaya Method provides a framework for practicing and teaching asana that is based on vital fundamental alignment and breath principles. Each posture can be approached through the 4 pillars: foundation, inner core principles, muscular support, and Anchoring principles that allow for expansion of the posture. Additionally the Method is looked at through the 5 Koshas or sheaths, which consider the physical body and the more subtle bodies: pranic, mind/ emotional, intuitive/ wisdom, and deepest essence body. Yoga is a means for awakening the body, mind, and Spirit and with that, the Abhaya Method provides a map for delving deeper into alignment and opening of all the layers of our being.
        • Mentoring

          One on One Feedback Sessions Included in the Full ADV TT is a 30 hour Mentor Program. The mentor program is a unique opportunity for the trainee to receive one on one feedback. The trainee works directly with the lead teacher to understand class creation, sequence & theme development, and techniques for adjusting and refining class structure to address the variabilities encountered in an ever changing public class setting.


          • 4 observations with the lead teacher and including time prior and after to discuss class creation
          • 4 class assists within the same class and teacher – receive feedback on hands on adjustments and presence in the room.
          • One on One feedback on hands on adjustments
          • 2 classes taught by trainees (live or filmed) that the lead teacher writes up a feedback report and goes over together with the trainee. The trainee has a chance after the first class to apply their feedback.
          • Research project: deep dive into one aspect of applied anatomy and physiology followed by presentation to the other mentees with feedback
          • 5 hours of mentoring within the 200 YTT segment on therapeutics (gain hands on knowledge for dealing with injuries and challenges)
          • Teach a 50 min class to the rest of the ADV TTs, Mentees, and community to share receive feedback on the culmination of your mentoring / ADV TT program
          Trainees will have to prepare for their classes with a class outline that develops into a full class plan. The lead teacher and trainee will meet to go over their classes prior and after. This is an opportunity to be guided personally to the next level in your teaching.

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        Full program over 12 months = $4000 Includes 280 Contact Hours (12 modules) and 30 hours of Mentoring/ Practicum (10 hours of one on one mentoring and feedback on personal yoga classes) / Module: $500 (20 hour module) 4 hours of reading, assignments and self study = 20 hour CE module Certificate will be given after full attendance and completion of quiz (only for CE)  

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