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The Art of Teaching

The 200 RYS Hour Yoga Teacher Training fully prepares the aspiring teacher to graduate with skill, grace, and a depth of knowledge to confidently teach professionally. We appreciate artful teaching and therefore take the time to train each student with care and our individual approach. Our goal is to empower each Teacher Training student encouraging their own curiosity and creativity to come through.
Winter 200 Hour 2020

Fall 2024- 200 Hour In Person  Teacher Training

  • September 15th- December 15th 2024
  • With Tara Glazier
Spring 200 Hour 2020

Spring 2024-  200 Hour In Person Teacher Training

  • March 3rd-June 30th
  • With Tara Glazier
Summer 200 Hour Intensive 2020

Fall 2024 100 Hour Immersion

  • First 100 hours of our 200 program Sept 15-Oct 15
  • With Tara Glazier

WHY CHOOSE ABHAYA 200 RYS Hour Yoga Teacher Training

  • Pedagogy and Curriculum: Our experience and passion is teaching teachers. Our high level curriculum taught by national and international yoga leaders is thorough and accessible. Learn from the best in the field.
  • Full Spectrum Integration: We teach teachers the full spectrum of Yoga and how it integrates from the most foundational physical body components to the most subtle and spiritual. Students learn to develop their own authentic approach with foundational guard-rails.
  • Experience & Confidence: Our graduates walk out with over 30 hours of teaching experience, one on one mentoring, and the experience of teaching a FULL asana class upon graduation with specific feedback and goals.
  • Community: Our graduates are invited to teach Community classes and teach as part of our Non-Profit Foundation programs.
Abhaya is proud to have graduated several hundred students over the years with 75% of graduates teaching actively and professionally nationally and internationally. Many of the Abhaya staff are Abhaya trained!   200 RYS Hour Yoga Teacher Training


Fall 200 Hour Online & In Person Teacher Training
  • September 15th-December 15th , 2024
  • Sundays 9am-4pm
  • Wednesday  6pm-9pm
  • Two Intensive Weekends
Spring 200 Hour Teacher Training
  • March 3rd- June 30th 2024
  • Sundays 9am-4pm
  • Wednesdays  6pm-9pm
  • Select Fridays, Saturdays & Mondays
100 Hour Immersion
    • Sept 15-Oct 30
    • Sundays 9am-4pm
    • Wednesday  6pm-9pm
  • One Intensive Weekend



This unique, highly individualized program offers an experiential curriculum for students desiring depth of understanding. The first 100 hours focuses on deep personal and yogic study:
  • asana alignment
  • history of yoga
  • spiritual/ philosophical context
  • breathwork and meditation
Using the Abhaya Method as a framework for study, the student learns foundational principles in the body that influence the free flow of breath. Abhaya Method is oriented toward awakening the body’s innate intelligence (through releasing gripping and holding patterns) & ultimately promoting healthy pranic flow leading to balance. The study of Classical- Tantric philosophies offers a wide range, non-dogmatic, empowering approach to yoga and lifestyle.


After the initial 100 hours of deep study and personal experience, the journey of becoming a teacher begins. Teaching is an art that unfolds naturally with supportive guidance and clear structure. The second 100 hours focuses specifically on TEACHING. We dive directly into teaching skills:
  • Observation
  • Verbal Instruction
  • Teaching with the BREATH (vinyasa)
  • Sequence Construction
  • Hands On Adjustments
  • Teaching Online
  • Applied Anatomy and Therapeutics
  • Ayurveda and Health/ Lifestyle Practices
  • Authentic and Relevant Teaching
  • Theme Integration


Director of Teacher Training
Tara Glazier
Tara Glazier, owner/founder and creative director of Abhaya Yoga since its inception in 2010 has 15 years experience teaching yoga, 10 years teaching therapeutic trainings, and a lifetime in her body as a dancer. In 2013 she codified The Abhaya Method as a way to offer a non-dogmatic approach to learning and unlearning new pathways toward healing and awakening. With a background and degree in Pedagogy, she has a passion for the Art of Teaching and instills this love and skill into her trainings. She holds a BFA from the Hartt School, and is certified in Vinyasa and formerly Anusara as well as highly qualified in yoga therapeutics. In 2015, Tara founded the Abhaya Yoga Foundation which brings yoga and mindfulness to disadvantaged groups; scholarships to diverse groups for Teacher Training, Women’s Trauma and At-Risk Youth. For over 10 years, Tara has been training skillful, spirited, successful yoga teachers.


JOY RADISH Joy has been teaching since 2005 on the east and west coasts.. Her teaching offers a space for deep self-study based in yogic philosophy/dharma as well as a daring exploration of both the inner and outer bodies. Joy is a theatre artist, psychotherapist, vocalist, activist and writer, and brings a lot of art and heart to her teaching practice. Joy holds a master’s degree in drama therapy from NYU and works full time as a psychotherapist in inpatient psychiatry. She holds infinite gratitude to Tara and the Abhaya community for creating a home that honors yoga with utmost integrity, care, and support.
SUSAN KOTCHER Susan Kotcher came to Yoga through the gateway of meditation in Zen, Tibetan, and Shambhala Buddhist traditions. She loves to help students experience the mysterious flow of life we sometimes feel during a great Yoga class or, surprisingly, during some of the difficult moments in our lives. Out there in the world, Susan is a non-profit leader and fundraiser. Susan has been teaching for many years and re-ignited her teaching through Abhaya Yoga’s RYT-500 teacher training.
SOPHIA HOLLY Sophia Holly is a 500 hour level yoga teacher, trained at Abhaya. Sophia teaches private and public yoga classes in NYC designed to help people love themselves, regardless of their ability and body size. She also teaches private sessions and yoga based workshops to help people heal their relationship with food and body. Her classes are a blend of flowing movement, and relaxing restorative. When not teaching yoga Sophia is singing and playing music, and enjoying city life.
NANCY RICH Nancy Rich, RYT-500, stepped onto the path of yoga seven years ago. Her love of the practice and the freedom she has discovered, both on and off the mat, informs her teaching. She serves her community by offering yoga to her students in a safe, nurturing environment. Nancy has received both her 200 and 500 hour Yoga Alliance Teaching Certification from Abhaya Yoga. The Abhaya Method focuses on deepening awareness while releasing holding and gripping patterns in the body. She uses holistic approach to align, heal and guide the practitioner toward a deeper freedom.




Jonathan has been practicing yoga since 1995 and has been teaching since 2000, having studied with some of the yoga community’s leading teachers. He owned and operated the Yoga Center of Brooklyn from 2001-2009 and created the CoreWalking Program in 2005 because walking is something we all do and walking correctly is an amazing way to bring positive change to our ageing bodies.


Zhenja encourages students to explore the vast potential of their own hearts and bodies by sharing insights from her dedicated personal practice and the revelations of everyday experience. Known and sought after for her precision, clarity, and delight in detail, Zhenja is a true teachers’ teacher who has mentored and trained dozens of teachers in the art of teaching. Her teaching is informed by her longtime study with Tantric scholar Douglas Brooks and more than a decade of study in Anusara Yoga.


Dr. Naina Marballi (Ayurveda) has been healing clients, conducting workshops and hosting Ayurvedic Study Certification Programs based in New York City since 1998. After acquiring her B.S.A.M. (Bachelor of Shuddha Ayurvedic Medicine) degree from India’s premier educational institute, she began her career as an Ayurvedic Physician (Ayurvedacharya) with Podar Ayurveda College and Research Center in Mumbai, India. Her specialty lies in disease prevention; through pulse reading, she is able to analyze imbalances within the chakras, mind, and body and provide insight for healing.


“The 200 RYS Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Abhaya  not only provided me with the tools to become a registered yoga teacher, but it also served as a catalyst for growth and connection in many unexpected areas. In the true spirit of yoga, there was an inward connection to a deepening of my personal practice, an outward connection to my fellow students and the Abhaya community, and a spiritual connection to the community’s mission in spreading love and compassion. Yoga is an ancient practice and Abhaya was able to honor the traditions and philosophy of Yoga while preparing students to teach in the 21st century. I wholeheartedly recommend the teacher training to anybody who is looking for an authentic exploration of yoga and a pedagogically thoughtful exploration of teaching it.”
– Marianna G.