Online Yoga

Our yoga practice is a powerful outlet to manage during uncertain times. Above all, though, is our responsibility to keep our community safe, near and far.

In order to continue to serve our community we have developed a range of online yoga offerings to promote your wellbeing during this difficult period. We hope that you will find refuge, community and practice with us as we navigate this path.

Online Yoga
About Abhaya Yoga

Abhaya Yoga is a community oriented Center committed to the process of awakening the body, heart, and mind. The traditional roots of yoga are held while embracing a modern, accessible approach. The various styles of yoga and healing modalities are offered with a non-dogmatic perspective allowing students to find their own way to freedom.

The culture of Abhaya Yoga encourages humility, studentship, and a high value on yoga education. It is a place where like-minded students of yoga and life gather to share the great conversation and transformative practice to yoga in a beautiful, supportive, sacred environment.