Be personally guided by lover of yoga and teacher of teachers, Tara Glazier.  This unique approach to teaching teachers welcomes passionate yoga teachers to the next level of their teaching.

  • The mentor program is a unique opportunity for the trainee to receive one on one feedback. The trainee works directly with the lead teacher to understand class creation, sequence & theme development, and techniques for adjusting and refining class structure to address the variabilities encountered in an ever changing public class setting.


    • 4 observations with the lead teacher and including time prior and after to discuss class creation
    • 4 class assists within the same class and teacher – receive feedback on hands on adjustments and presence in the room.
    • One on One feedback on hands on adjustments
    • 2 classes taught by trainees (live or filmed) that the lead teacher writes up a feedback report and goes over together with the trainee. The trainee has a chance after the first class to apply their feedback.
    • Research project: deep dive into one aspect of applied anatomy and physiology followed by presentation to the other mentees with feedback
    • 5 hours of mentoring within the 200 YTT segment on therapeutics (gain hands on knowledge for dealing with injuries and challenges)
    • Teach a 50 min class to the rest of the ADV TTs, Mentees, and community to share receive feedback on the culmination of your mentoring / ADV TT program
    Trainees will have to prepare for their classes with a class outline that develops into a full class plan. The lead teacher and trainee will meet to go over their classes prior and after. This is an opportunity to be guided personally to the next level in your teaching.

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Who is this training for?

If you have completed a 200 RYT Yoga Training or even a 300 E-RYT and feel like you could use some individual guidance, this program is for you.  You must be actively teaching.  If you are not teaching online, you would have to provide a recording of two of your classes. Perhaps you feel like you say the same things or do not know how to advance a pose or make modifications for those who have certain injuries.  Perhaps you feel like your class lacks heart and you would like to help be a guide toward deeper, more subtle or more heartfelt yoga? Would you like to build your classes, teach privates, and build community and make yoga less of a hobby and more of a way of life?
  • Who is Tara Glazier (ERYT 500, owner / founder Abhaya Yoga)?

    Tara has been training teachers for over 10 years and is passionate about helping teachers to refine their voice and become more skillful in that process.  She opened Abhaya Yoga in 2010.  Abhaya yoga is a school that focuses on tradition, education, community, and spiritual connection. It was the first Anusara School in Brooklyn and has transitioned to encompass both alignment/ therapeutics and vinyasa flow.  Tara teaches the Abhaya Method, which provides a framework for her classes and trainings.  The method utilizes safe bio-mechanics and breath principles that allow for greater strength and freedom in the body.   In 2015, she headed the forming of Abhaya Yoga Foundation 501c3, non-profit, which supports inclusivity in yoga by offering yoga teacher training scholarships to a diverse population and background.  In her past life, she was a professional dancer and teacher and director for dance.  She has a love and deep respect for yoga which has helped her to heal her body, her heart and her mind.   Tara has been on the mat for over 20 years and has a lot of great stories to tell!

How is this different from a 200 or 300 TT:

This program is very different from a content driven 200 or 300 TT in that it focuses on the individual teacher, their experience of teaching, and meets them where they are at.  Consider this coaching program where you work one on one and break down all the components of a class.  Once you receive feedback, you have an opportunity to work on teaching in a group and one on one!

Topics the may be addressed: (but not limited to)

  • Verbal instruction and articulation with clarity (helping to make instructions have most power by taking out what is not needed and focusing on efficient language).
  • Systematic building block approach to leading poses and instructing from the ground up
  • Modifications and advancing poses so everyone feels challenged and comfortable
  • Teaching refinements – how to do so without overwhelming
  • Subtle body integration
  • Theme integration (artful approach of integrating mind, body and heart helping their students to feel the full power of yoga)
  • The difference between teaching group classes and privates
  • Therapeutic approach to yoga that aids for open and private classes
  • The new world of teaching online!

Mentees will receive feedback on:

  • Their class structure, sequence, and thematic elements before individual class review
  • Voice, tempo, verbal cues
  • Validity of anatomy / biomechanical technique/ therapeutic approach


  • Take additional classes with Tara and the Abhaya team
  • Participants are strongly encouraged to take Continuing Education  with Abhaya Yoga
  • Daily meditation and daily self practice


  • 200 Teacher Training program with a valid training school
  • Must be actively teaching yoga


      • 30 Total Hours of Mentoring
      • 2x asana classes reviewed
      • 2x 30 min feedback sessions
      • $585

Abhaya Grads $525