Enjoy individualized attention in a safe and supportive space. Heal or prevent injury and pain with our therapeutic approach. OR challenge yourself and up-level your practice finding new ways and vitality with the precision and guidance of a private instructor. Within a short period of time there is an extraordinary possibility of expanding and refining your practice!


    • Those in pain or injured and want to practice yoga outside of a group environment, tailored to their needs
    • Those who are NEW to YOGA and want to gain foundational principles prior to joining group classes
    • Those who are experienced but would like to learn specific poses or alignment that could serve upleveling their practice
    • Those who prefer quiet and special time for themselves outside of a group environment
    • Those who prefer an experienced and certified yoga instructor in a personalized setting
Up-Level Yoga Private


Individualized privates can work at your pace. If you are looking to go to the next level in your practice, this is for you. Learn new poses, specific alignment and anatomy as it pertains to your body. Enjoy a session or series of sessions focusing on exactly what your heart and body desires. Our Abhaya Private Teachers are skilled at instructing specifically for the individual’s needs. Take your practice to the next level or slow down and work in a way that uniquely suits you!

Therapeutic Yoga Private


Abhaya’s approach works within each body’s limitations and patterns. With a precise and experienced eye, teachers can help blocked muscle patterns release and return to a more easeful and balanced state. Sessions would be appropriate for those with upper and/or lower body issues; chronic back, hip, knee, and, shoulder/wrist/neck pain. The therapeutic private works specifically with the painful or injured area with care. The primary goal is to return the body to a neutral state and build a newfound strength and mobility.


TARA GLAZIER Owner/ Founder of Abhaya Yoga loves teaching privates and helping students to find their way into deeper freedom, whether it be from an injury or just deepening their practice. With near 20 years of teaching experience and 12 years experience teaching teachers and therapeutics, Tara loves to share her insight. With a sharp eye and sensitive approach, to each unique body, she works to find the right balance of challenge and ease. After healing from serious low back issues in her 20’s through therapeutic yoga, she is inspired to help others heal as well.