Abhaya Yoga encourages a full spectrum practice and one that incorporates meditation. Meditation has been proven through the ages as a pathway to oneself. Sitting quietly is a simple and profound practice that allows us to enter into the truth and freedom of our own being. Abhaya’s approach is embodied, non-dogmatic, and affirmative for the individual.

Meditation Class

By being fully present with our bodies, we become fully present with our own journey. As many of us awaken to our own spiritual journeys, we have a tendency to want to move up to Spirit and escape our human existence. Being grounded in the earth is a vitally important aspect to becoming fully human, and to find our own way to connect with the joy that is available to us here on earth. Being human is a great gift that many of us feel weighted by. When we allow ourselves to fully inhabit our cells, we can find the lightness of being that we so often crave. Meditations are somatic based practices that bring awareness to the limitless possibilities our bodies have access to.

Jennifer’s meditation classes include embodied breath work on the back as well as guided seated meditation.


  • Meditation reduces stress, which we all experience living in New York
  • It helps improve concentration, memory and focus
  • It increases our self awareness
  • Encourages our ability to look at ourselves with kindness instead of critique
  • It increases positive emotions which contribute to our overall well being

Meet Abhaya’s Meditation Teacher

Jennifer Dopierala
Jennifer Dopierala
Jennifer Dopierala has been a healer since 2008 and is the founder of Finding the Heart of the Warrior. Through her work, she helps people let go of limiting beliefs and energetic blocks. This helps them move — physically, emotionally and spiritually — with freedom and ease in their lives, while learning to love themselves just as they are. She is longtime meditation practitioner in the lineage of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, and studied for many years with Reggie Ray. Her teaching uses somatic practices to access the body and the freedom, warmth and available there. Also a certified meditation instructor and former teacher with a Master’s in Education, she has a depth of experience in creating an open space of compassion and listening. You can find her at Finding the Heart of the Warrior.

Open Sitting


  • Weekdays (Tues-Fri): 9-11am, 7-9pm
  • Weekends: 10am-2pm

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  • FREE for Members and Certified Teachers
  • $10 Drop-In

20% of proceeds are donated to the Abhaya Yoga Foundation

Enjoy quiet time for yourself in contemplation, meditation, or silent prayer. Open sitting offers you the escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and life and a chance to connect to yourself. This open space is without a teacher or guide and allows you to practice your own meditation on your own time. Come revel in sweetness and depth of your own heart and mind.