Drama Therapy is an experiential and embodied approach to psychotherapy. Whereas traditional “talk” therapy is limited to spoken language, drama therapy offers a multidimensional approach considering the emotional, spiritual, physical and intellectual needs of the client. The sacred space of the therapy room mirrors the sacred space of the ancient theatre, in which the client calls upon their creativity to transform and re-imagine the story of their life through role, story, image, and metaphor. The techniques used depend upon the needs of the client, and include ancient ritual, embodied meditation, role-play, performance, storytelling, and music. Drama Therapy is appropriate for persons of all ages, experiences and backgrounds.

Brooklyn Drama Therapy
Joy Radish
Joy Radish holds a master’s degree in drama therapy from NYU and currently works as a psychotherapist on an adult inpatient psychiatric unit in Brooklyn. As a life-long performer, radical theatre artist, and experienced yoga educator, Joy brings a variety of tools to her work, all of which are firmly rooted the clinical practice of psychotherapy. Joy has worked in hospitals, detention centers, jails, schools, settlement houses, and yoga studios. She believes that the steadfast, caring and trusting bond created by therapist and client forms the unmistakable foundation upon which all healing occurs. Joy specializes in the integration of yogic studies as directly applied to drama therapy, and in generating self-scripted original therapeutic theatre performance.

Drama Therapy

  • Length: 50mins
  • Availability: Mondays: 4-6pm, Wednesday/Fridays: 7:30 – 10pm


At the core of the human experience is our capacity to create. Our creative intelligence is what allows us to find freedom in even the direst of circumstances. It is often the case that this innate wisdom gets obscured from our awareness, and we lose touch with our most healthy impulses and intuitions. By clearing space to tap into this creative intelligence, and by expressing it in innumerable ways, we begin to find our way back home to ourselves.

As a psychotherapist, it is my job support your journey of “self-rediscovery” and aid in your process of transformation so that you may live as your most authentic and empowered self.