Abhaya Series: BE Fearless- The Upside Down!

Abhaya Series: BE Fearless- The Upside Down!

Led by: Paula Cunha

From November 24, 2019 at 2:00 pm until November 24, 2019 at 4:00 pm at Gowanus

Inversions are an exciting, fun way to take your practice to the next level (literally) — but they can also be downright intimidating. Embrace the Fear - and learn the proper principles of the: Headstand, Forearmstand & Handstand in this truly unique, gravity-defying workshop.

Utilizing the pillars of the Abhaya method, we’ll move toward inversions in a more organic way. Here are the integral steps we will cover:
* Stabilizing what needs more stillness and mobilizing what needs more fluidity
* Understanding the core mechanics of inverting your body and using more effective ways to enter into inversions
* Exploring your natural individual inner alignment and consciously working with it while upside down
* Having fun!

You will come out of this workshop with the necessary tools to smoothly enter into an inversion in a regular class, plus a clearer understanding of your own body’s capabilities. By decreasing the “fear factor,” we exponentially increase our own confidence, abilities, and pure enjoyment of inversions.

Why inversions?
When practicing Asanas inversions (where the head is below the heart) we actually increase the blood flow to our hearts and brains. While inverted, the tissue fluids of the lower extremities drain far more effectively than when one is asleep. This causes areas of congestion to clear, vein flow to increase, and lower extremity (abdominal, pelvic organs) lymph channels to be less obstructed. These components work in tandem to facilitate a better exchange of nutrients and wastes between cells and capillaries.

$40 drop in / $25 for Abhaya members