Connect Sustain Create || New Years Day Yoga + Live Music

Connect Sustain Create || New Years Day  Yoga + Live Music

Led by: Tara Glazier + Kirsten McCord

From January 1, 2024 at 1:00 pm until January 1, 2024 at 2:30 pm at Dumbo

Myth, Meditation, Asana and live cellist Join Tara and Kirsten as they create a New Year fabric together. This special workshop will be woven with music, myth, hip/ heart opening- breath centered asana, and meditation to close. After a period of complete destruction, the world that was, vanishes. In Vishnu's myth, we see him asleep and dreaming on the infinite ocean of Consciousness. When he awakens, the Goddess appears and manifests his dreams into form and together yoga is made. Join us for this magical and yet realistic tale of dreaming and new creation. Vishnu is always sustaining around and within, even when there is loss. And, he is always there to help us dream up a new form and reality. We will connect to this stable, sustaining support of Vishnu through the breath and creative potentiality of the Goddess brought to life through our own agency and empowerment in the poses. Imbue your New Year with a felt sense of everlasting support and encouragement of potential.
$40/$36 Regular/Members