CrossTrain Your Yoga Practice: Diaphragm, Ribs, And Shoulder Girdle, Building A Movement Practice That Lasts

CrossTrain Your Yoga Practice: Diaphragm, Ribs, And Shoulder Girdle, Building A Movement Practice That Lasts

Led by: Zoe Levine

From May 18, 2019 at 2:00 pm until May 18, 2019 at 4:00 pm at Dumbo

Let’s take an intimate look at your current yoga or movement practice with a new lense to improve performance, reduce wear and tear, and help you create a pain free movement practice that will last a lifetime. Whether you are a gym rat, a weekend warrior, a yogi, climber, athlete, dancer, cyclist, runner, or wish you were doing more of these things, the goal is to work smarter not harder. So often it’s the activities we love that end up reinforcing old patterns of tension, and instability, leading to compression in your joints and wear and tear injuries down the road (if not right now).

I invite you outside the fitness and yoga world for a few hours to explore new perspectives and new tools to rehydrate your connective tissue, rebuild deep stability, repattern old movement habits, and explore whole body alignment. We’ll use both MELT and MELT Performance techniques and follow it up with a brief intro to Restorative Exercise (the amazing work with Katy Bowman I’ve been studying this past year). Then we’ll jump right back in and you’ll see for yourself immediate changes in your practice (and yourself!).

I have worked with a lot of yogis and athletes over the years and I see the same overuse patterns and injuries show up over and over. In this workshop, we’ll explore your own body and habits and start to rethink your current movement practice with a focus on alignment, function, and longevity. We’ll use MELT Neurostrength and whole body alignment principles to create a new physical environment on which to build your yoga, fitness, or any great movement practice, with new strength and purpose.

Instead of doing a million repetitions of the same movement the same way over and over to get “better” at it, we’ll explore a new pathway to deep shoulder stability, core support and pelvic stability that will improve the way you execute any movement, improving performance and ultimately reducing wear and tear on your joints.
Uncover various habits and patterns that may be showing up in your current yoga, fitness or movement practice (and why it matters).
Learn new tools from outside the yoga and fitness world to build a deeper strength or facilitate release to support many of your favorite poses and exercises, and improve alignment in general.
Discuss new perspectives on the purpose and goal of a popular poses and exercises through the lens of whole body alignment, joint stability, and longevity.
Understand how rewiring the deep stabilizing patterns in your shoulder girdle, core, and pelvis can quickly transform the way you approach your movement practice - improving overall performance and reducing wear and tear.

You’ll leave this workshop with real tools to use right away AND over a lifetime. You’ll better understand how to use your movement practice to improve function and alignment in everyday life AND use everyday life to enhance your movement practice.

In this workshop we’ll explore and rethink these common movements.
Chaturanga and pushups
Downward dog and common shoulder stretches in general

We'll look at common cuing for the ribs and shoulders and play with the effects and purpose of each. We'll dive into common yogi patterns and habits to find what serves us best in terms of longevity.
Join me and let’s build a movement practice that deeply supports a healthy, pain free, and active life for the long haul.

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