Harmonium, Chanting, and Voice Immersion

Harmonium, Chanting, and Voice Immersion

Led by: Seth Lieberman

From April 5, 2019 at 3:00 pm until April 6, 2019 at 12:00 pm at Gowanus

In this special weekend workshop we will learn the basics of harmonium playing, using your voice for singing, and chanting in a group setting. We will approach sound, music, playing an instrument, and voice from both a technical perspective and also through the lense of mindfulness and yoga. We will also explore how to lead chanting with a group for classes or kirtan. This is a highly unique, integrated experience that will leave you with a better understanding of music, yoga, your voice, and the harmonium and how to use those skills for your own personal practice or when chanting with group of people. This workshop is designed for all levels experience thought it will be particularly geared toward yoga teachers and those with a strong interested in harmonium and chanting.
Due to the unique nature of this workshop, and to allow enough personal attention on the harmonium, there is very limited space available. Advanced registration is required.

Some harmoniums will be provided. Please inform us if you are able to bring your own harmonium upon registration for this workshop.

Testimonials from Abhaya YTTers

Our time spent workshop learning the harmonium is definitely a highlight of the Advanced Teacher Training so far. I especially liked the pace and hands-on instruction; having so many harmoniums in the space was a special treat.
— Shri Devi, teacher training student

Thank you Seth! I feel that session with you was completely a full experience, and yes it exceeded my expectations. Am excited to learn more, play and chant!” – Krissy
— Krissy, Harmonium Workshop Participant

This was such a major milestone in my personal practice. Thank you Seth for your brilliant teaching.
— Deanna Green, Owner & Director of Shambala Yoga and Dance Center NYC

Seth Lieberman is a classically trained musician and yoga instructor, specializing in the intersection of sound, yoga, and music. His approach to teaching an instrument and voice is informed by his in-depth study of mind/body modalities as well as his intensive training as a classical musician. Through group workshop and private and instruction, he has inspired many students to gain more confidence using their voices, chanting, and playing the harmonium. You can read testimonials and learn more about taking a workshop with Seth at

Friday, April 5th 3 - 6 PM
Saturday, April 6th 9 AM - 12 PM