Ignite Your Immunity, Balance Your Nervous System (In Person or Online)

Ignite Your Immunity, Balance Your Nervous System (In Person or Online)

Led by: Monisha Raja & Mirabelle D’Cunha

From August 20, 2022 at 12:00 pm until August 20, 2022 at 3:30 pm at Dumbo

Sun Salutations and Evidence based Yogic breathing for COVID

In Person or Online

In this 3 hour practical workshop, lineaged yoga teachers Monisha Raja and Mirabelle D'Cunha will share practical evidence based tools to ignite your immunity and balance your nervous system. Monisha is a COVID researcher and Ayurveda lifestyle educator. Mirabelle is also a HeartMath Interventions facilitator and panelist for Yoga Alliance.

Monisha will speak on agni, the fire of digestion and transformation, specifically sharing yogic breathing techniques to strengthen immunity based on your unique dosha (constitution). She will share the cutting-edge science behind how yogic breathing practices (Pranayama) can activate a set of powerful anti-COVID mechanisms of the human body. She will guide participants through a practice session, which she uses with patients, that can act as a supplemental support to conventional medical treatment. All that Monisha presents is from the lens of her evidence based research with yoga teacher Eddie Stern and MIT-affiliated scientist Dr. William Bushell, her yoga and Ayurveda training and her personal experience of self recovery and treating patients with COVID.

When time is of essence, precision matters. Sun salutations are known to be a complete practice in themself. Depending on how we practice, we can either get only minimal physical benefits or reap a rich harvest of regulating the nervous system, endocrine system and changing the resonance of the heart. Mirabelle will present the practice from the lens of yogic sciences, linking it with evidence based research in modern science. She will share how each asana in the sun salutations is designed to enable the flow of both goal setting and trust and how to modify the practice for your dosha. We will also explore the use of sun mantras and the effects they have on our breathing and mind. Both sessions include theory and practice.

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About Us

Monisha Raja

Born and raised in India, Monisha Raja began her yoga practice at the age of four and has been teaching for over 20 years. After contracting COVID and recovering through the practice of Yoga, her medical doctor at Mt. Sinai urged her to teach this practice extensively. She has been teaching COVID patients and students since 2020, to strengthen and maintain a healthy Pulmonary and Immune system through Pranayama and asanas. Being the pioneer in evidence-based Yoga treatment of COVID, Monisha has been contacted by researchers and interested groups the world over. Currently she is collaborating with Yoga Teacher, Eddie stern and scientist, Dr. William Bushell, in researching the therapeutic impact of Yoga on COVID and other infectious diseases. In partnership with Tibet House, Monisha has presented this cutting-edge science at Neuehouse, NY, the home of culture and innovation. Monisha embodies the practice through her activism and commitment to the principles of Yoga ethics. She lives in New York City and is founder of YOGA AID, a non-profit organization dedicated to honouring the source culture of Yoga, is a fashion educator at F.I.T. and runs LOVE IS MIGHTY, cruelty-free fashion brand rooted in the yogic principle of Ahimsa (non-harming). Monisha is a Chopra Certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Educator and is the Wellness Ambassador at Neuehouse, Madison Square

Mirabelle D’Cunha

In the words of one of her client’s “Mirabelle blends practical science and broad expert knowledge with.. well her secret sauce... undefinable energy that you will hear and feel” Mirabelle is a HeartMath Interventions Trainer (protocol followed at Mayo Clinic, Kaiser Permanente etc) , Yoga Teacher and functional Breathing facilitator. Endorsed by the Chopra Foundation and attended by thousands, Mirabelle created the world’s 1st Pranayama Breathing Summit in 2021, featuring 24 of the world's most adept wisdom keepers and scientists. This was preceded by the world's first Bhakti Yoga Summit in 2021. Her study of yoga and alternative healthcare practices spans 19 years. She studied with Swamis (monks) of the Sivananda Lineage, at Mumbai University and with vaidya, surgeon and Vedantin Dr. Manjunath Gururaj. She holds a certification in Yoga Nidra for Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety and Insomnia. She has trained in resilience and trauma centered practices with Molly Birkholm founder of Warriors at Ease that supports post traumatic healing in veterans across the United States. She is currently studying and living the practices of Sri Vidya under the guidance of her guru, tantrika and cardiologist Dr. Kavitha Chinnaiyan. A panelist and teacher for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Programs, Mirabelle has taught in person in corporate settings, healing spaces, yoga ashrams and studios in India, the USA, Canada, Bahamas, Bermuda, and the Cayman Islands. Practicality, Joy and Intimacy with Breath are at the heart of how Mirabelle approaches all of her work in this world.

$65 Drop In