Intro to Sanskrit with Manorama

Intro to Sanskrit with Manorama

Led by: Manorama

From June 22, 2024 at 1:30 pm until June 23, 2024 at 4:30 pm at Dumbo

June 22nd, Saturday — 1:30-4:30pm
June 23rd, Sunday — 12-3:30pm
2 day workshop

“Intro to Sanskrit is an immersion into to the Sanskrit alphabet and gives students the ability to work confidently with mantras and to integrate yogic principles into their practice and life.” ~ Manorama


As a Sanskrit, Meditation and Yoga Philosophy teacher for over 30 years, my mission is grounded in making this Tradition accessible, approachable, and fun, while honoring the richness of its vast wisdom.

My formative studies began as an immersive study with my Guru, Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati, in Sanskrit, Meditation and Yoga philosophy. Later, I continued my work in Sanskrit at Columbia University with the esteemed Dr. Ram Karan Sharma. The combination of these uniquely vibrant experiences honed my understanding of the Sanskrit language and gave me the confidence to delve deeper into how Sanskrit relates with the primary principles of Yoga, as well as to explore its connection with modern life.

Course Description:
This course is an immersion into the Sanskrit language through the study of the Sanskrit alphabet, it includes select asana names, select mantras, and Luminous Soul Meditation.

You’ll Learn:
  • Proper pronunciation of the entire Sanskrit alphabet, giving you confidence to chant mantras and speak asana names with ease;
  • Why Sanskrit mantras are healing for the listener;
  • The unique Sanskrit Studies Method of learning Sanskrit;
  • The Luminous Soul Meditation practice, which teaches you how to quiet the mind and return it to a natural energized peaceful state, no matter the challenge;
  • And develop insight into why Sanskrit is called the language of vibration.

  • Elements of the Course Include:
  • Proper pronunciation of the Sanskrit alphabet;
  • Understanding breath and its place in your yogic practice, as well as in chanting Sanskrit mantras;
  • Practice the Luminous Soul Meditation to help you access peace at any time;
  • Becoming skilled in chanting two select mantras that are popular in yoga classes around the world;
  • Practice reading the Sanskrit letters in their original form, called devanagari, as well as in the transliteration script.

  • You’ll leave this Intro to Sanskrit workshop feeling more confident and knowledgeable in your understanding of Sanskrit and how to incorporate the principles of the Sanskrit Studies Method into your life.

    Level: Great for Yoga Teachers and students interested to deepen their knowledge of Yoga.

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    $400 ticket price, Plus Course Materials