Making Sense of What We Feel

Making Sense of What We Feel

Led by: Carla Ardito

From August 3, 2019 at 2:00 pm until August 3, 2019 at 4:00 pm at Dumbo

Frustrated, sad, annoyed, jealous, worried, depressed,, what does it all mean? We feel so many feelings in our life, but in order to live well, it’s important for us to know that only PURE EMOTIONS have the power to heal us. Our emotions are not a luxury. They are part of a neurological processing system, that keeps both our minds and bodies healthy. There is a difference between a feeling and an emotion and it’s important to know the difference if we want to feel better. My studies and work have proven to me, that there are only eight physical and mental experiences that actually qualify as emotions. Theses eight emotions come in four sets of two; one pleasant, and one unpleasant. The four sets of emotions are as follows: excitement/fear - desire/anger - comfort/sadness and love/need. Feelings are not satisfying to the mind or to the body. In fact, feelings like frustration and resentment, are usually a sign of our internal conflicts. Feelings keep us stuck because they only serve to maintain and enhance the already existing conflicts between our bodies and our minds. Pure emotions, on the other hand, are the remedies that bring our bodies and minds back into harmony. Defining emotions and feelings, and distinguishing one from the other, can be very beneficial to our attempts to be mentally and physically healthy. The science behind the power of our emotions is here and this workshop will make it easy to apply it to our everyday lives.

Learn How To Exhale,
The Inhale Will Take Care Of Itself.