Roll & Restore - Waistline Focus

Roll & Restore - Waistline Focus

Led by: Eduardo Martinez Diaz

From May 19, 2018 at 2:00 pm until May 19, 2018 at 3:30 pm at Gowanus

Do you experience routine bloating or weight gain in your mid-sections? Do you want to feel and look slimmer and tall? This Roll+Restore workshop is for you.

Gravity, bad posture and the weight of our upper body can cause the space between the ribs and the hips (waistline) to get squished and compressed, which in turn leads to a shortening and thickening of the waist. When our waistlines shorten, all the muscles, tissues, organs, skin, and fat start to bulge out to the sides making us look and feel thicker than we really are. To make matters worse, experts tells us that this can also negatively influence digestion, metabolism, circulation, oxygenation, and organ and gland efficiency, leading to bloating, density, and inflammation. In this special Waistline edition of Roll+Restore you will learn techniques that involve therapeutic yoga postures and laying/moving on rubber balls to self-massage tight fascia around your waist and midsection. You can incorporate these techniques in your fitness routine to obtain true well being working with your body. You will leave not only with more space for movement, breath, and circulation in your waistline but also with a longer midsection, feeling energized and standing taller!

Roll+Restore combines Eduardo’s seventeen-plus years of practice in wellness, yoga and engineering to access this embodied self-awareness. The workshop takes the best aspects of Biomechanical Alignment Principles, Therapeutic Yoga, Bodymind Ballwork© and Metaphysics to experience a unique and holistic approach to understanding your body. Students who’ve attended this workshop leave feel empowered to access deep understanding of their physical, mental and emotional state. They leave feeling “taller,” “brighter,” “relaxed” and “younger” (yep, these are their words).

Saturday, May 19th

2 - 3:30 PM

$35 / members receive a 20% discount