Spring Hip Opening Workshop

Spring Hip Opening Workshop

Led by: Tara Glazier

From March 23, 2024 at 2:00 pm until March 23, 2024 at 4:00 pm at Dumbo

Spring is the time for renewal, clearing out, and a flourishing of a new cycle. Hip opening can be one of the most enjoyable components of a yoga class that brings greater freedom in the whole lower body. As we release in the pelvic region, it can have a profound effect on low back release, hip tension, and even an emotional release as the kidneys balance out with the adrenals. For some, hip opening is fraught with hip stuckness, knee pain, and a source of impingement that leads to frustration. For others, they love the feeling of working all the angles of the hips.

All hip types welcome to this full spectrum, alignment based hip opening workshop. We will work toward preparations for lotus that include breaking down ankle to knee positions, pigeon variations, seated postures and even reclined postures (as the hips open easiest there).

Walk out of this workshop with a better understanding of pelvic/ hip alignment and how to find anatomical neutral in your own body. Learn specific tools: internal and external rotations, neutral pelvis, widening and grounding techniques related to your own anatomy. Find a newfound freedom within the given range you’ve been born with.

One of Tara’s favorite things to do is help people unlock the hips in one’s body as it is the lower gate that affects everything above. One of the hallmarks of the Abhaya method and specifically Tara’s approach, is to work naturally, without force to organically open the lower gate. Often those who experience this, notice the hip flexor area (Illiopsoas) has released and they even feel longer and have even measured taller!

Come one and all, those with deep sockets, shallow sockets, love hip opening, or even aren't their favorite. Unlock some serious secrets and demystify this magical area that serves us in all the ways of our life from sleeping better, digesting better, and maybe even being a more open, joyous, being.