Abhaya Kids


Prenatal/Postnat • 8:45 AM- 9:45 AM with Emily Lillywhite

Focus on you, your baby and the changes pregnancy brings within a supportive community. Safe, specialized asanas and deep relaxation techniques alleviate the common physical discomforts of pregnancy while creating tone and physical strength. This holistic class focuses on emotional well being to restore a feeling of calm and harmony. Embrace and address the changes occurring within our body and free ourselves from any inhibitions, anxiety or doubt, enjoy the sacred experience of pregnancy, birth and the journey into motherhood. No previous yoga experience is necessary, mothers-to-be at all stages of pregnancy are welcomed $18 online, $20 at the door

Abhaya is excited to announce the kick off of our New Kids Yoga Class taught by Tammi Shamblin every Thursday from 4-4:50pm.

Tammi Shamblin Kids YogaThis class for children 4-6 will focus on improving strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. The classes will encourage a deeper sense of body awareness and children will learn how to center themselves with breathing and visualization techniques. Tammi provides a loving, responsive, and creative environment, allowing children to uncover their own truths and engage their minds through thoughtful emotional coaching. The class will have asana that is flowing and playful, balancing poses, breathing exercises, basic anatomy, and creative relaxation techniques.

Tammi has been teaching since she first took on a class of Tiny Tot Ballerinas at 16 years old. She received her BFA from the University of Utah, majoring in ballet with an emphasis in pedagogy. SInce then, she continues to be inspired by children daily and foster her teaching by studying various methods of learning and physical practices. She is currently on the faculty at Ballet Tech, a public school for Ballet in NYC, teaching for Lydia Johnson Dance in NJ, Brooklyn Ballet, and Chrystie Street Ballet.  She received her certification from Abhaya Yoga with Tara Glazier and is also certified in Pilates through BodyTonic in Brooklyn.

Emily LillywhiteEmily has been teaching 6th,7th, and 8th graders in NYC public schools since 2004. When she saw the transformative effects of teaching mindfulness to her students, she knew that becoming a yoga teacher was the next step on her own path. She completed teacher training with Tara Glazier at Abhaya in December 2012, and is thrilled to bring these teachings to students of all ages. Emily offers deep gratitude to her all her teachers, yoga and otherwise, for sharing their gifts and inspiring her growth and dedication. She would especially like to thank Tara Glazier, Sara Neufeld, Elias Lopez, Carolyn Payne, John Wilkes, Jim Kincaid, and her mom–her first, and still most influential teacher.