Abhaya Yoga Teacher Training

Fearlessly Awaken and Inspire !


Part 1-100 Hours
Sundays: 12-4pm, 6-9pm & Wednesdays: 6:30-9:30pm
September 21, 24,28, October 1, 8, 12, 15,19, 22, 26, 29
November 5, 9,12, 6, 19, 23
December 3rd, 7th, 14th

Part 2-100 Hours
Sundays: 10-4pm, 6-9pm
January 4th, 11th, 25th, February 1st, 8th, 22nd, March 1st, 8th, 15th & 29th

ttaaroninversionsmIn this unique, highly individualized (20 student maximum) program, Abhaya Yoga offers a real experiential curriculum for the students truly desiring to teach.  The first 100 hours students dive into: the history of yoga, the bio-mechanics of asana, deep philosophical study applied to current teachings, anatomy, pranayama, meditation and study of the subtle body. This is practice oriented,  providing a wide context for the practitioner to understand for themselves what yoga is.  The second 100 hours is teaching oriented, and starts right into learning how to teach: vinyasa, verbal instruction, class construction, theme construction, sequencing, hands on adjustments, therapeutics, applied Ayurveda, and most of all lots and lots of teaching practice with feedback.

The Abhaya Teacher Training is unique for two reasons:  1) the emphasis is placed on the “Art of Teaching” or pedagogy.  This program, led by Tara Glazier, who’s background and passion is in pedagogy provides clarity on not just “what to teach” but HOW to teach.  This is a skill that is often overlooked and can make all the difference.  Abhaya has an excellent success rate in educating top notch yoga teachers, who are making a living from their craft and/or integrating it into their work.  2) This particular teacher training course will also focus on the Abhaya Method, which is a system that integrates eastern and western healing philosophy; working through the body from outermost physical to innermost subtle.  Rooted in tradition, yet in line with modern functional movement techniques, the mission of the system is to reconnect to the body’s natural intelligence and release deep set holding patterns on all levels that cause misalignment.  The trainee learns to guide the student to greater ease, balance, and freedom.  Go Here to read more about the Abhaya Method.

Another unique component of the program is mentoring.  Students will meet for an additional 10-15 hours solely teaching practice where they will receive one on one feedback from an advanced level Abhaya Teacher or Tara herself. Additionally, after graduation students will be offered an opportunity to teach a community class in the studio for one month.

Abhaya’s mission is to educate the highest level of teacher so they are prepared to teach after the program if they so choose.  Abhaya TT’s, upon completion are able to integrate a physical/ alignment focus with an inspiring theme while providing an integrative experience on the mat that goes far beyond expectation for a 200 hr level.  Cultivate your heart, empower yourself with knowledge and become the most skillful, magnetic and soulful teacher you are capable of being.

Teacher training will focus on:

- Yoga & Ayurveda
- Meditation & Pranayama techniques
- Observation skills
- Language skills – how to gracefully articulate principles of alignment
 -Sequencing – skillfully preparing the body for the apex of a class
 -Teaching vinyasa
 - Theming – learning how interweave heart opening and empowering themes into an asana class
 - Hands on Adjustments
 -Therapeutics – Diagnosing issues, learning low impact therapeutics for injuries, and hands on therapeutics
 -Empowering the trainees to discover and utilize their own inherent gifts
 -Pre-Natal yoga teaching skills
 nesdays (6:30-9:30pm) 2/12, 2/26, 3/12, 3/19, 4/2, 4/9, 4/16, 4/30 & 5/14
Guest teachers:
Bill Mahony (Bhakti philosophy )
Kenny Graham (Teaching from the heart)
Douglas Keller (Therapeutics)

200 hour mentored program:
Teacher Trainees will additionally receive 10 hours of individualized mentoring with a highly trained Abhaya teacher to hone their teaching skills.

Teacher Training Tara Glazier, the owner of Abhaya Yoga has been teaching yoga for the past 11years in New York City. She has taught all over the world and most recently at Virayoga in Manhattan. Tara is a professionally trained dancer and spent many years performing before making yoga her career. She has a BFA in Dance Pedagogy / Performance from the Hartt School at the University of Hartford. While studying Pedagogy,( the art of teaching), she became inspired by the craft and realized that it takes something very special, very intrinsic to become a teacher. She was asked to join staff at the Hartford Ballet and was honored with the Excellence in Pedagogy Award. Tara later moved to NYC to begin a professional dance career. During this time, she transitioned into teaching yoga and became the Faculty Director at Ballet Tech, under the direction of Eliot Feld. After becoming Anusara Certified, Tara made the move to full time yoga teacher and has made teaching Anusara Yoga her life’s dharma. She has been training various types of teachers since 1999 and finds great fulfillment in offering skills that help others to awaken. She attributes much of her passion and success to her teachers, John Friend, Zhenja LaRosa, Elena Brower and to her parents.

 Tuition includes all training, mentor hours, and a 3 month unlimited class card at Abhaya Yoga.

Abhaya Immersion and Teacher Training combined is  $3,999  or $3,475 if paid by Sep. 1st
The Abhaya 100 Hour Immersion prerequisite is $1,599 if paid in full by Sept. 1, otherwise $1,699 due by Sept. 14
200 hour Teacher Training $2,799 or $2,499 if paid by 12/31.

To apply and find out more please contact tara@abhayayoga.com.