Tara Glazier

Tara Glazier

Tara Glazier ( ERYT 500+) founded Abhaya Yoga in 2010 with the vision of creating a community oriented center for yoga and education in Brooklyn.

Tara’s love for art, dance, spirituality, movement, and healing can be seen through the tapestry of incredible teachers and offerings at Abhaya, that all serve the greater purpose of yoga; to connect and serve.

Tara had an early ambition that moved her away from her home at 15 years old, to pursue a professional career as a ballet dancer, at North Carolina School of the Arts. Directly to follow high school, she was chosen as a Trainee with the Hartford Ballet, yet continued into the University program after an injury. The injury was a great gift of Grace opening the doors of modern dance and a new love for teaching. She graduated with BFA in Dance Pedagogy from the University of Hartford/ Hartt School, Tara moved to NYC to pursue a modern dance career. It was in NYC where she fell deeply in love with yoga and spirituality and began her studies: Jivamukti, Atmananda ( 200 hr Yoga Alliance Certified), and Anusara. While simultaneously working at Ballet Tech, Tara was promoted to Director of Faculty in 2003 where she recruited and trained upcoming ballet dancers under the direction of Eliot Feld.

After receiving Anusara Certification, in 2008, Tara became a full-time yoga teacher in NYC and began traveling internationally to offer retreats and trainings. The many injuries that she experienced propelled her to learn more and train in therapeutic yoga. She has studied with masters in the field of yoga therapeutics, chi-gong/ tai chi, Ayurveda, and subtle body work ( John Friend, Scott Blossom, Doug Keller, Dr. Naina Marbelli, Devron Wong).

After 15 years experience teaching yoga and 10 years teaching therapeutic trainings, in 2013 she codified The Abhaya Method as a way to heal and awaken body/ mind/ heart through an integrated approach of gross and subtle body techniques.

In 2015, she felt inspired to make greater change in the world of yoga by founding the Non-Profit 501c3, Abhaya Yoga Foundation. Abhaya Yoga Foundation empowers, educates, and serves disadvantaged and sensitive populations by offering the connective power of yoga to those who may not normally have access.

After six years of business, it is her honor and great fulfillment to be a part of an energetic, inspired community of students, teachers, healers, and educators. It is her hope for the future to grow Abhaya and the Abhaya Yoga Foundation; share the healing capacity of the Abhaya Method, and continue to offer high quality yoga experience and education through the Abhaya Yoga Teacher Training Programs.

It is a great gift for Tara to create a “home” in Brooklyn back to her roots, where she began her yoga teaching career in 2001. Tara is grateful to all of her teachers past and present ( Adyashanti) who continually help her to trust into the profound teachings of yoga, meditation, and healing. She also thanks the many failures and the many who have doubted her, as it has stoked the fire of her committed passion for her craft and deep love for yoga, teaching yoga, and service.

For more information about her workshops, immersions and also private instruction you can contact her at: tara@abhayayoga.com