The Abhaya Method

The Abhaya Method is a systematic approach to understanding yoga from the ground up and the outside in.  The Para Principle and the Four Pillars of the method, guide the practitioner into full awareness and alignment physically and energetically.

Integrating traditional healing and modern therapeutics, the method awakens the body’s innate intelligence by releasing contracted patterns and promoting a healthy, balanced flow of energy.

The Abhaya Method exists on 5 Layers or “Maps” based on the traditional Kosha Model
guiding the student from Gross Body to Subtle Body.


The PARA PRINCIPLE is the overarching principle that encourages Full Awareness, Breath, and Connectivity.
The method unfolds through FOUR pillars:
Foundation, Inner Core, Support, Anchoring

These pillars create the fundamental structure for aligning and integrating  the physical, pranic, emotional, wisdom, and Spirit bodies

Para Principle

:: the Supreme/pervading principle. All encompassing, never not present.

  • Pillar 1 Foundation::  Gravity, Architectural Alignment, and Stable home base
  • Pillar 2 Inner Core:: Breath, Prana ( energy) and Core Principles
  • Pillar 3 Support:: Muscle- Bone- Prana Relationship
  • Pillar 4 Anchoring:: Utilizing Grounding and center of Gravity techniques to find ease in asana and meditation