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Bhāva Friday

Bhāva Friday

Bhāva is the sanskrit word for feeling, emotion, mood or a devotional state of mind. It literally means, “to be”, or “becoming”. The word connotes both a “being-ness” and the state that we are “becoming”.

In Bhāva Friday, we are encouraged to let go, and let in the power of grace, the power of the music, and power of the collective community. The Bhāva class is a unique experiential approach to awakening through asana, music, and the healing subtle body adjustments/ reiki.

Bhāva offers a full, flowing, yet sweet asana practice that is inspired by the many live master musicians. In this co-operative effort between the teacher/s, the musician, and the students, something greater is created.

DJ’s, drummers, sitar players, kirtan singers, string instrumentalists, and more come to extend their special talents while students cultivate self surrender and bliss.