This moon energy (Chandra) oriented practice will invoke your more receptive self. This class will include less down dog and rigorous vinyasa flow, and more centered, gentle, held postures cultivating a greater awareness of your entire being. Slow down, nourish your body and journey more deeply within yourself.

Class structure:

Gentle Warm-ups, Gentle Moon VariationsLonger held standing/ posesInversion/ supported or activePranayama- breath workRestorative PosesRest/ Meditation

Challenge yourself by upleveling your yoga practice and learning new intermediate postures in a safe setting. The intermediate class has a more complex theme and sequence structure; integrating the facets of yoga philosophy, high level asana / therapeutics, subtle body and breath techniques. Come be guided into the deeper, more profound levels of yoga!

This class is appropriate for the student who has 2+ years yoga asana experience and/ or high level of physical capacity (gymnastics, m...

Geared toward the Advanced student or teacher, this class is an intensive practice spaced over two hours to adequately approach deeper poses that aren’t possible in the usual “open” level class. The class is set- up in a community style, facing one another with the teacher practicing along with the class while offering instruction and guidance. It is recommended that students have a strong practice and are relatively fluent in bio-mechanic principles to maintain safety withi...

Welcome ALL Moms and Mom’s to be! Whether you are prenatal, post natal, or just in the thick of being a mom, this class is for you. We come together in a non-judgmental environment to celebrate our bodies and breath through yoga and to give ourselves an hour of uninterrupted care. This full spectrum class offers opportunity to build community with other moms. This one hour full spectrum class offers opportunity to build strength and flexibility in a balanced way with the goal of crea...

Limited to 2 persons, this semi-private yoga class, offers the private yoga experience for a little more than a class price. This class is ideal for those who prefer individual attention and may have therapeutic issues or special needs. Come and find comfort, alignment, and safety in this individualized hour just for you and one other.

RSVP by 6pm the evening prior required. No walk-ins.

Bhāva is the sanskrit word for feeling, emotion, mood or a devotional state of mind. It literally means, “to be”, or “becoming”. The word connotes both a “being-ness” and the state that we are “becoming”.

In Bhāva Friday, we are encouraged to let go, and let in the power of grace, the power of the music, and power of the collective community. The Bhāva class is a unique experiential approach to awakening through asana, music, and the heali...

Community Class is the perfect chance to practice in a non-competitive, open environment while supporting our new teachers that have just graduated from 200 Teacher Training.

Please come with an open heart and an open mind and be aware class is taught by very NEW teachers to the craft.

Class is by DONATION. Donations go to AYF, Abhaya Yoga Foundation, serving yoga education and service to those who would not normally have access.

By being fully present with our bodies, we become fully present with our own journey.

As many of us awaken to our own spiritual journeys, we have a tendency to want to move up to Spirit and escape our human existence. Being grounded in the earth is a vitally important aspect to becoming fully human, and to find our own way to connect with the joy that is available to us here on earth. Being human is a great gift that many of us feel weighted by. When we allow ourselves to fully inhabit our cel...

Align your body, mind, and soul! Apply alignment principles to physical postures and integrate a variety of therapeutic exercises and breathing techniques. Once you’ve opened up the physical body, move into deeper layers of subtle body awareness and consciousness to open up the heart. Class structure is slower-paced and moves the student from a more physical experience to a more subtle body / energetic experience.

Move through Qigong practices together in community and learn the Taoist approach to health, emotions and living well. It’s not just breathing and movement, but a way to bring millennia-old Tao wisdom into your body and into your belly.