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Chandra Flow

Chandra Flow
This moon energy (Chandra) oriented practice will invoke your more receptive self. This class will include less down dog and rigorous vinyasa flow, and more centered, gentle, held postures cultivating a greater awareness of your entire being. Slow down, nourish your body and journey more deeply within yourself.

Class structure:

Gentle Warm-ups, Gentle Moon VariationsLonger held standing/ posesInversion/ supported or activePranayama- breath workRestorative PosesRest/ Meditation

Chandra Flow Schedule

Please note that the schedule shown below is only directional, check our Schedules page for the most up to date information

Teacher Location Start Time End Time Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Tara Glazier Gowanus 12:30 pm 1:45 pm X
Paula Cunha Gowanus 10:00 am 11:30 am X