Align your body, mind, and soul! Apply alignment principles to physical postures and integrate a variety of therapeutic exercises and breathing techniques. Once you’ve opened up the physical body, move into deeper layers of subtle body awareness and consciousness to open up the heart. Class structure is slower-paced and moves the student from a more physical experience to a more subtle body / energetic experience.

Move through Qigong practices together in community and learn the Taoist approach to health, emotions and living well. It’s not just breathing and movement, but a way to bring millennia-old Tao wisdom into your body and into your belly.

Launch the day with a bright mind, inner calm, and a wellspring of energy. Anticipate creative sun salutations and poses that wake us up from the inside out as well as a closing meditation that will center us for the day ahead.

This unique therapeutic yoga class is geared toward any age or level of student that is interested in understanding and experiencing how to free themselves from back pain. This class focuses on particular exercises to strengthen the deep core muscles, create space within the vertebral column, and freedom in the larger sheath muscles of the back and hip which tend to grip. Learn applied anatomy through asana (poses) for your therapeutic needs and find a deep healing with simple- moderate poses...

Open to students of all levels, this practice combines traditional yoga asana with elements of classical Pilates. Organically integrated, students will move between these two systems seamlessly with mindful attention to alignment and guided by breath. Balance and freedom is restored in the spine and pelvis, as students learn to move with ease from the inside out to strengthen and stabilize their core. The result is a greater sense of connection to their center.

Susanna created Devi Soul Yoga, an approach to teaching that includes Hindu myth, mantra, mudra, and meditation in each of her classes. She combines these practices with a careful attention to alignment and an emphasis on the breath to guide flowing movement sequences. Her classes are challenging, inviting students into the deep sweetness of svadhyaya, or self-study.

This class provides a full spectrum, upbeat practice to music. “Vinyasa” literally means to link. Vinyasa yoga provides an opportunity for the student to link the heart, mind, and body by transitioning with intention, from one asana to the next. The class will move at a steady pace, building internal heat while following the guide of the breath.

Come meet the faculty for Abhaya Yoga's 300 Hour Level Teacher Training. Discover more about the program and curriculum, peruse the reading requirements, and ask questions as you consider embarking on this journey.

This moon energy (Chandra) oriented practice will invoke your more receptive self. This class will include less down dog and rigorous vinyasa flow, and more centered, gentle, held postures cultivating a greater awareness of your entire being. Slow down, nourish your body and journey more deeply within yourself.

Class structure:

  • Gentle Warm-ups, Gentle Moon Variations
  • Longer held standing/ poses
  • Inversion/ supported or active
  • Pranayama- breath work
  • ...

A heart-centered, grounded, and fluid yoga class with attunement to awakening new levels of awareness through the asanas, allowing for spacious transformation. With an interest in the energetic principles of the asanas, subtle anatomy, and intimate work with the breath, This class is carefully and creatively structured. It invites students to enter their practices with devotion, courage, and ease, staying present in the here-and-now.