Move and chill out after your active day! This class flows to get your body moving AND offers restorative postures to bring you into deep relaxation.

Come renew and recharge yourself through slowing down, letting go, and turning inward. With the body completely supported in each pose with props such as blocks, bolsters and blankets, Restorative Yoga teaches the body to let go of deeply held tension - allowing for muscles to release, breath to open, soft tissue injuries to heal, and minds to quiet. Restorative class artfully weaves restorative poses with pranayama, visualization, and mindfulness meditation, inviting you to taste the power of t...

This 1hr class is appropriate for any level of student and focuses on elemental foundational skills as they relate to asana (physical postures) through the Abhaya Method ( an integrated approach that creates strength and flexibility on all levels; physical/ subtle/ and physiological bodies). Come slow down, refine your practice, and learn therapeutic principles that you can apply anywhere!

Open Class is “open” to all levels of experience. The open class offers a full spectrum of poses ( warm ups, sun salutations, standing poses, hips opening, often; preparations for inversions, backbends, and seated poses) with a focus on breath and proper alignment. Options and modifications are appropriately given for various levels and therapeutic issues for students to feel comfortable and safe. Enjoy the transformation of heart, mind, and body.