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How well do you know your own sacred feminine energies? How easy is it for you to find the Goddess in your own body? Can you feel mothered by the universe? Are you able to draw on the deep reserve of strength and wisdom that Goddess holds out to you at every moment? Can you feel the shiver of her ecstasy, the shimmer of her light, her radical power to hold you steady in disappointment and teach you even through suffering?

Though there are many ways to connect to the feminine, one of the most powerful is through the sacred forms of the ancient Goddesses of the ancient world. In this class, we’ll explore the powers of the tantric goddesses called Mahavidyas, emanations of Kali who hold the space for life on this planet. These goddesses can be approached as helpers, as personal archetypes, and above all as doorways into finding sacred presence in the ordinary world. We’ll explore the the karma-busting grace of Tara, the compassionate spaciousness of Bhuvaneshwari, the radical creativity of the little known wisdom goddess Matangi, Lalita’s playful and transformative integration of the sacred and the sexual, the intensity of Kali and Chinnamasta. We’ll experience Goddess as an inner energy that works through your personality and your emotions, and we’ll invoke Goddess as a protector, muse, lover and as the cosmic source of light and life.

This class offers a powerful transmission of sacred Goddess energies, as well as insights that can change your own sense of who you are.

Topics Include:

–why power is sourced from the inner feminine

–the faces of the Goddess and your own inner truth

–How to invoke Goddess through ritual, meditation and mantra

–flowing with the compassion of the dark Goddesses

–the Goddess and your creativity

Light lunch will be served on both days, and dinner will be served Saturday evening

Please note this event is for women only


The Wisdom Goddess Empowerment: Awakening your own Power, Love and Creativity through Sacred Feminine Archetypes

  • Date: Saturday 11th May, 2019 from 10:00 AM until Sunday 12th May, 2019 at 3:00 PM
  • Location: Abhaya Yoga Gowanus


Urban Yoga Retreat with Sally Kempton
Sally Kempton

Sally’s current work interprets the wisdom of the tantras for mature contemporary aspirants, drawing on depth psychology and neuroscience as well as the insights of Integral philosopher Ken Wilber.

Though Sally offers many courses for beginning meditation students, she is also regarded as a ‘teacher’s teacher’, whose approach inspires long-time practitioners to free themselves from routine meditation practice, and move deeper.

She teaches meditation as a process of inner exploration, in which we learn to integrate heart, mind and body in order to experience our natural state of wisdom and love. Sally also offers a wide variety of classes on yogic wisdom texts, as well as hands-on, contemplative practices for moving through psychological obstructions, understanding the intricacies of inner life, and how to apply spiritual principles to relationships, work, and life in our time. Students say that her classes create an atmosphere of support and joy that allows deep exploration. “Sally’s classes are deeply transformative,” a student says. “Her guidance is gentle and loving, yet challenging in all the right ways. She brings yogic teachings out of the books, and into real life in a way that makes it totally practical.”


Saturday, 11th May

10-12:30pm Program 1
12:30-2:30pm Lunch
2:30-6pm Program 2

Sunday, 12th May

10-12pm Program 3
12-1pm Lunch
1-3pm Program 4 and closing