Let go, and let in the power of grace, the power of the music, yoga, and the power of the collective community. Awaken through asana, music, and healing subtle body adjustments.

Spring Gong Bath with Asmi


Yoga + Healing Sound Bath || Paula Cunha + Asmi Shah

  • Date: Friday 14th April, 2023
    6:15 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Location: Abhaya Yoga Dumbo


Urban Yoga Retreat with Paula Cunha
Paula Cunha

Paula discovered yoga when she moved to the United States from her native Brazil in 2010. She immediately fell in love with the practice and took on a 200-hour teacher training course at Yoga People to deepen her practice. Since completing her studies, she has been steadily working towards a full-time career as a yoga instructor.Paula has always been involved in body awareness, even before her discovery of yoga. She practiced capoeira, muay thai, soccer, ballet and many other activities growing up in Brazil. She is also a graphic designer and an illustrator, through which she developed a keen and observant eye of the human body.Paula’s classes have been described as both invigorating and relaxing. Through a gentle Vinyasa sequence and breath work, she creates the necessary space for students to explore their own bodies, feelings and sensations, allowing them to tap into the deeper layers of themselves.

Urban Yoga Retreat with Asmi Shah
Asmi Shah

Asmi grew up in a Gujarati Jain household surrounded by Indian traditions, culture, and rituals.  She always believed in the power of ancient wisdom and enjoyed connecting with her roots.  Over time these practices fell into the shadows as Asmi focused on school and then work.  But when she faced difficulties in work and her personal life she turned back to ancient wisdom for the answers.  It has been over a decade since she began studying the ancient wisdom and traditions of India, it has been like coming home.

Asmi traveled to Nepal to study how to use singing bowls for sound baths, meditations, and sound therapy.  Since then Asmi has trained in tuning forks, learning the neurological and energetic benefits they provide. She also completed a sound healing intensive gaining exposure to many different instruments. Each tool has its own unique sound and effect of the listener.

Asmi experienced the benefits of pranic healing first heard from a friend who offered relief during a particularly difficult time in Asmi’s life. A few months later Asmi took pranic healing courses.  Asmi uses pranic healing daily, she also has been able to use this practice to remotely heal family members in India.

Asmi decided to learn yoga at a time when she felt unhealthy; plagued by poor sleep, long work hours, and difficulty disconnecting.  She picked-up some old school Indian DVDs from the local Jain Center to learn asanas (postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises) and CDs to learn dhyana (meditation).  To deepen her practice she did yoga teacher training. She began recognizing and facing limiting beliefs on the mat (“I can never do that pose, I’m not even going to try” to “Let me see what I can do today”); this quality of play and experimentation began to translate into her everyday life bringing ease and self-compassion where there had been doubt and judgement.  Asmi truly believes how we are on the mat is how we are in life; changing one changes the other.

Mantras (chanting) have always been a part of Asmi’s life, she has fond memories of chanting the Navkar Mantra (Jain maha mantra) daily with her parents during her childhood.  Ancient Indians believed that the vibration of a Sanskrit mantra would change one’s energetic body and inner conditions to better deal with one’s karma.  Asmi has gained support and comfort from a consistent mantra practice.

Asmi hopes to share her love and knowledge of these ancient tools and wisdom, they are as vital today as ever.


Friday 14th April, 2023
6:15 PM - 7:30 PM


Abhaya Yoga Dumbo