Come Together for Orlando at Lakeside, Prospect Park

Come Together for Orlando at Lakeside, Prospect Park

Led by: Abhaya Teachers

From June 23, 2016 at 7:00 pm until June 22, 2016 at 9:00 pm at Dumbo

Respectfully in honor of the recent events in Orlando and current status quo of our society at large, it is NOW time to RE- Connect. It is time to re-connect to ourselves, to one another, to other groups we disagree with, and to those we don't understand. When we finally realize we aren't separate, only then can LOVE, be deeply felt. Yoga, for 5000 years has been the bridge TO realizing deep interconnectivity. We are not really separate at all, but the belief of separation and disconnection is pervasive. It is so pervasive, so hardened in the fabric of human consciousness, that humans would rather die, hate, or blame than live with connection. We ask, what can we do, who can we help, where do we send money? We feel helpless, disappointed and frustrated in the face of profound hatred and profound ignorance of those terrorizing and those meant to protect us in government.

We invite you to a small effort to simply sit together, move together, and have our voices of love, connection, and community be heard throughout Brooklyn, NYC, and beyond. The simple action of connection speaks volumes. Like a pebble ripples out, we can each be but a pebble, yet together create a current of change. There is nothing asked of you at this event; no money to donate, no bills or petitions to sign, just you and your presence is enough.