The Cosmic Path of Light: Peruvian Shamanic Energy Medicine Training

The Cosmic Path of Light: Peruvian Shamanic Energy Medicine Training

Led by: Kay Dougherty

From February 28, 2018 at 6:00 pm until July 25, 2018 at 10:00 pm at Gowanus

A Paco (Peruvian Shaman) is a man or a woman who has the ability to journey into the interior and exterior seen and unseen realms of the cosmos - and bring back balance harmony and other perceptual shifts for the purpose of healing and empowerment of different energy systems. Some of these systems are; people, animals, communities, spaces and places- depending on the inclinations and visions of the initiate.

In time all Pacos have their own special and unique medicine, however all Pacos begin their journey though the same initial process of self transformation through the main energy centers of the body - the yannay, munai, and llanky- wheels of light- which correspond the the yogic chakra system.

Through out this healing process of self-discovery, the initiates emerge transformed and as a result a mesa (medicine bundle of sacred stones and crystals) is formed. The mesa becomes the symbolic depiction of the Pacos “medicine body” and serves a the vehicle for connection, protection and illumination on the Spiritual path.

In this 6 month long training you will receive tools and training necessary to be initiated in to the lineage of the Incan Celestial Shamans. This unbroken lineage goes back to Tupac Amaru Shakur (not the rapper; -) but the Incan King). Who could benefit from becoming the steward of a sacred medicine bundle? Healers, Teachers, Artists/Creatives, Seekers, Yogis and Plant Medicine Users.

In this 200 hour intensive training you will:

  • Work in an energy system of love, light and integrity
  • Embrace your shadow self and heal it
  • Learn to hold secure-functioning interpersonal relationships
  • Shift of of Limiting beliefs and patterns
  • Give and receive Soul Retrievals
  • Heal your personal and professional relationships
  • Deepen Your Connection to your Internal Dimensions
  • Heal Individual & Ancestral Karmic Wounds
  • Learn to Walk with passion and protection in the world
  • Find your true calling here on earth
  • Create Your Own Personal Medicine Bundle (healing stones)
  • Learn to Heal without having to use medicines or psycho-active substances
  • Heal Illness on the 3 Planes (physical, mental, emotional)
  • Develop a Vision of your souls destiny
  • And much more...
  • In order to best serve the needs of busy New Yorkers the Shamanic Training at Abhaya is designed to be flexible so you can continue to meet the demands of your work and personal life.

    In addition to the monthly scheduled Wednesday evening sessions, students will be able to book up to 5 hours individual or semi-individual meeting time with Kay during the month. Individual meeting times can be used to set goals, receive healing work, review materials and work on individual projects or work in partnership with other students and clients if need be. Individual projects and contemplative time will also be included in the training process.

    Monthly Wednesday Evening Sessions:
    • 2/28 6pm - 10pm
    • 3/28 6pm - 10pm
    • 4/25 6pm - 10pm
    • 5/30 6pm - 10pm
    • 6/27 6pm - 10pm
    • 7/25 6pm - 10pm