Sacred Evening

Sacred Evening

Led by: Rinchen Bhutia

From August 4, 2019 at 7:00 pm until August 4, 2019 at 8:30 pm at Gowanus

Breathing techniques, mantra, bhajan, chanting and meditation with Rinchen

Understanding the innate power of mantras bhajan, chanting, with the subtle use of words and power, we are reminded it is time to use our voice and the full potency they contain. With a word rapidly changing around us, a simple practice can effect not only our present self but can also be directed to healing of the planet at large. Be not shamed, sweet love, by your froggy voice, but use it as an instrument of divine creation to birth a world you desire in your heart. A way to reduce stress, improve cognition, lower heart rate, and help tune inward to become aware of distress in the physical body before it becomes illness.

Rinchen was born and raised in the Northeastern part of India called Sikkim in the Himalayan Region. She went to ‘Balvikas’ for 7 years means ‘Blooming of the Flower’ flower here is a ‘Child’ (Sai Spiritual Education) at 9, have learned Mantras, Chanting, Bhajan/Kirtan many more. Consequently, She began her yoga studies as a child and has developed her practice throughout her life. Since coming to New York in 2015, she has continued her yoga studies at Abhaya Yoga in Brooklyn, where she earned her yoga certification.