Shamanic Drumming With Your Spirit Guides

Shamanic Drumming With Your Spirit Guides

Led by: Andrea Hornick

From June 3, 2018 at 12:00 pm until June 21, 2018 at 3:00 pm at Gowanus

Encounter or deepen your connection to your spirit guides through shamanic drum journeying. You will receive instruction to participate in drumming, rattling, and movement, and a short meditation before spending the majority of the workshop participating in a series of trances where you lay down and listen to live trance-inducing drumming which leads you into journeys into the lower, upper, and middle worlds. You may come with specific questions or intentions, or to ask for healing from a spirit guide. Your guide(s) may take the form of animal, wisdom figure, ancestor, and otheres.. Based on your connection to a significant place for you, in nature, you will be instructed in a ritual which stems from indigenous cultures world-wide. After each of three journeys, questions will be answered and related guidance will be given for you to deepen your connection to your guides and understand the communication you experience.

Andrea Hornick is an artist and shama. She began learning "Core Shamanism," from Michael Harner in 1980 and has since been deepening her practice with indigenous shamans in North and Central America and within her own art and healing practices. Andrea is an internationally exhibiting artist, and professor in Fine Art and Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania. Her practice is rooted in painting and includes installation and performance. She has offered drumming in many art and healing contexts. Hornick is based in Philadelphia and New York